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D4X Helps Protect Target Organs:

A target organ is the name of the organ or tissue most affected by certain substances. For instance, nicotine hits blood vessels and respiratory organs, alcohol damages liver, kidneys and heart, unbalanced nutrition strikes stomach, intestine and pancreas. Target organs are extremely susceptible to any negative impacts, such as stresses, bad habits, unfavorable environment, or taking medications without restraint.

D4X is a kind of "antidote product" that takes our "targets" under its protection, turning them into virtual "fortresses". What is most important, D4X comes to the rescue with its very first use – one does not need to wait days, weeks, or months for the results.

D4X treats the target organs as a unified system and counters faults in this system:

• it helps in normalizing the blood circulation,
• in lowering the "bad" cholesterol in blood,
• in generating energy,
• fights the premature organism wilting,
• encourages the "cell respiration",
• favorably affects functions of the brain, heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, stomach, intestine, thymus, pancreas, skin, bone tissue, bone marrow, blood, plasma and lymph.


Honey up to 88%
Extracts of most valuable fractions of wild rose, hawthorn, hibiscus 11.5%
Succinic acid 0.5%



  • protecting against intoxications and free radicals;
  • restoring energy;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • removing chemical waste from the organism.


Increased sensitivity to the ingredients



SMART FOOD – Questions and Answers


The new D4X MyUnitDose® product, a bright member of the Smart Food family, has rapidly become a real hit with followers of the WHO (Whole Health Option) philosophy and been firmly included into the diet of each person tasting it at least once. 

Consumers invariably express their interest not just in that product but in the Smart Food category as such. What kind of food is it, how does it "work" and what is that category all about? We have compiled most frequently asked questions about the "Smart Food" and prepared some smart answers to them. 



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Seven Facts about D4X


D4X is the name of a product that is similar to a secret code, it intrigues and fascinates. This new Vision product is even packed not as capsules, pills or tubes – it consists of special portions with the futuristic name of "UnitDose". 

Now practically everything, following advertisers' lead, is labelled «unique», «with nothing similar», «innovative» and «revolutionary», from motor vehicles to fruit yoghurts. Those words are used so often that they have almost lost their original meaning. And while in case of the D4X product such epithets do not violate the truth, we are going to do without them dealing with facts only. And facts, as the classic once said, are most stubborn things in the world... 

Fact No. 1: The UnitDose of D4X helps protect target organs 

A target organ is the name for the organ or tissue most affected by certain substances. For instance, nicotine hits blood vessels and respiratory...

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USAGE: One packet per day to yoghurt, juice, other drink or food (best at the temperature below 149°F/65°C).

PACKAGING: 7 Packets each per box, each packet weighing 12 grams

STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store in a dry cool place.

SHELF LIFE: 18 months.

Price: 35.40 лв.
plus shipping