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Millenium Neo Gel

Face skin care gel

Tender Legend

PROPERTIES: Moisturises your skin promoting it's renewal and revitalization. It also helps to improve skin elasticity and to protect from environmental stress giving you a sensation of fresh and healthy skin.


Hydrolyzed Wheat protein - Aloe barbadensis extract - Panax ginseng extract - Equisetum arvense extract - Camellia sinensis extract - Centella asiatica extract - Ginkgo biloba extract - Sodium hyaluronate - Vitamin E (Tocopheryl acetate).


What does your home first-aid kit contain? Thousand and one pills against colds and flu, poisonings and headaches, some cotton wool, antiseptic strips… And what do you keep in stock for injuries that are most frequent among home accidents? Don’t you know what type of injuries these are? — Yes, we are going to talk about burns. 

There is no denying the fact that from time to time housewives happen to rush around the house in search of pain-relieving and healing medicine, groaning and blowing furiously on the place of burn to soothe the pain. Scorching oil splashed from the pan. Or a hot disobedient iron brushed against your finger once you got distracted by something interesting on TV. Or sunshine suddenly got too active… Everything happens! Great numbers of people get burns each year. If such a trouble happened...

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Rejuvenating Millenium gel—a renowned Vision’s product—is the objective evidence that one can master time, slow it down or even stop it, whenever the process of skin ageing is in question. Aram Aroutiounian, Vice-President of the Vision company and a resident of the DEM4 laboratory, has shared his ideas about the new century and the innovative product. 


Millenium gel is the company’s legend and a truly unique product. On the one hand, it is one of the oldest products of Vision and has a 15-year record of successful work. But on the other hand, it is in fact a newborn product, because Millenium Neo gel with its advanced formula is launched to the market in 2012. Is it a metaphor of eternal youth or a marketing trick, or maybe something else?

—I would rather vote for the third option. But I also like the first one. As we all know, the best-selling products don’t...

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It won’t be an exaggeration to say that spring is the most beautiful season of the year. Every day the sun gets warmer, the sky—clearer, the clothes–more colourful and bold. The trees are greener, birds’ songs are heard everywhere, people around are smiling and women are trying on new dresses and looking in the mirrors more often. Vision stays within this stream of renovation and blossoming, and presents us with the best spring-time product: rejuvenating and protective antioxidant skin-care gel—Millenium Neo, with a new and advanced formula of the famous Millenium gel. 

Millenium Neo means Beauty and Youth. 

stat gelmneo vesdor1At all times artists have pictured spring as a young glowing girl, charming and thoughtless, wearing a floral crown and a light dress. Every single woman wants to look like that and Vision can make this dream come true. 

Millenium Neo slows...

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Barrier functions of our skin could hardly be underestimated. But skin itself needs permanent protection, care, and at times even emergency aid. Strikes, burns, scratches infringe skin’s integrity, causing discomfort, pain and risk of infection. 

This is why each medicine kit contains at least a dozen of first-aid products: ointments and creams, healing balms with resolving effect, sprays against stings, various medicines to cut off allergic reactions. 

To protect and heal the skin, most Vision’s consultants and clients successfully use Millenium gel, that proved to be a perfect remedy for that purpose, now available in its new version — Millenium Neo gel. 

Defense Reaction 

stat gelmneo flacon1Smooth, pink, even, matte and resilient — these are the characteristics of a healthy skin that is ideally performing all its barrier functions. However, with all the minor home injuries our skin gets all sorts of damages crippling it. Light and insignificant at first sight, they still make us feel worse and lower our quality of life. Let us consider them one by one. 
Burns — skin injuries of a chemical or thermalorigin. Even trivial burns make...

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Eternal youth and freshness – isn’t this what beauties of all times dream about? Golden apples and elixirs made from tears of pure virgins, spells that grant juvenility, springs that turn back time have been glorified in legends, fairy tales and stories since olden times. However, modern people believe not in fairy tales but in high technologies and innovative solutions. As they make legends come true and turn dreams into reality by creating unique cosmetic products, just like the rejuvenating gel-antioxidant Millenium Neo. 

Nothing betrays woman’s age as badly as her skin. Diets and sports help to keep a slim body, a professional hairdresser takes care about grey hair, decorative cosmetics emphasize make bright lips and eloquent eyes. But wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes and the ageing contours of the face are hard to hide. 

Hopes that...

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DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply a small amount on a cleansed face in the evening before going to bed.

VOLUME: 50 ml

STORAGE CONDITIONS: To be kept in a cool dry place, protected from light.

BEST BEFORE END DATE: See bottom flap.

Price: 76.00 лв.
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