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EnjoyNT EnjoyNT EnjoyNT

Freedom to Movement!

Problems with joints may occur at any age. The main reason is excessive load put on the joints.

The high-risk group includes those professionally involved in hard activities, as well as athletes, dancers, and other physically active people.

The risk also lies with those who are overweight and/or have sedentary jobs - for example shop assistants, office clerks, hairdressers.

The situation may further worsen by bad habits, allergies, unbalanced diet and genetic predisposition.

The development of joint diseases at a mature age is a terrifying scenario.

At first, one would use marginally effective physio-therapeutic procedures and pain killers that only temporarily bring relief, while damaging the stomach.

Soon those pain killers fail to provide relief, and stronger drugs need to be prescribed.

Then an operation follows. The joint is replaced with a prosthesis. Crutches. Wheelchair. Immobility. And inexorable torturing pain.

Besides this, the involuntary immobility causes muscle tissue dystrophy, worsens blood vessel condition, complicates blood supply to all organs, including brain vessels.

And this leads to memory impairment and senile dementia.


Each capsule contains: 
Glucosamine (Glucosamine hydrochloride) 500 mg
Chondroitin (Chondroitin sodium sulphate) 10 mg
MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) 10 mg
Bamboo extract (Bamboo stem dry extract) 10 mg


Glucosamine supports regeneration of the damaged cartilage and prevents its destruction

Chondroitin acts as a building material for the creation of new, healthy cartilaginous tissue

MSM (methylsufonylmethane) has an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative action - keeps the cartilageinous tissue of joints healthy

Bamboo extract stimulates collagen release in bones and connective tissues, takes part in cartilage regeneration. Thanks to its ability to provide active re-mineralization, this wonderful component is also able to prevent bone tissue emaciation, thereby protecting from "age" fractures, the worst of which is hip fracture.



protect joints subjected to big loads

make active life possible at any age

assist restoration of damaged cartilage

return mobility and flexibility to joints

stimulate collagen production

Non-cosmic overloads

Article: Non-Cosmic Overloads


You don’t do weight-lifting or pole-vaulting, and you are certainly not holding skies on your shoulders like the Atlas… Nevertheless, your spine and joints feel as if these are your favorite pastimes? No wonder: even the most calm and passive day subjects our musculoskeletal system to extensive loads. 

Serious tension on different groups of muscles during the day is born even by housewives, white-collar workers and many others with measured, sedentary life-style. But unlike athletic loads, it neither improves stamina, nor strengthens muscles, but rather leads to osteochondrosis, discomfort and general derogation of the quality of life.


Who’s to Blame? 

stat enjoy nekos1Slowly turn your head to the right, to the left, then bow your head, and lean it back. Ache, cracking or inability to move—these are alarming signals. According to statistics, 50% of people over 50 and 75% of people over 65 are diagnosed with cervical spine osteochondrosis. Cervical vertebrae are adjacent...

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Scientists don’t argue

EnjoyNT—a new food supplement for the health of joints—has been recently launched to the market, and the results are only starting to show. However, there are plenty of examples of the effect of glucosamine, a key ingredient of the EnjoyNT food supplement. For the past years more than 100 official studies of this substance have been held. We have selected the most remarkable and notable ones. 

Venice, Italy 

stat enjoy uchen2One of the first studies of the properties of glucosamine was conducted by Italian scientists back in 1980. They have surveyed 30 seniors (aged over 70), hospitalized with most severe forms of chronic osteoarthritis. During three weeks, half of the participants have been administered glucosamine sulfate in the form of injections...

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From the leader about a leader

With the help of Vision distributional system, the DEM4 laboratory is introducing a product, which is bound to become an absolute leader. Why? Let’s ask the leader of the company, Holder of the Diamond Excellence Order, member of the Millionaire Club Vision, Tatiana Surova. 

stat enjoy liderNot only are joint diseases the most widespread, but also the most painful of all illnesses. A great deal of people all over the world, from seniors to youngsters, suffer incredibly from excruciating pains. How were joint diseases cured before? Methods of those days—injections or surgery—were undoubtedly torturous, and unfortunately, not always helpful. Luckily, 40 years ago a remedy, called chondroprotectors, appeared in Europe. This title derives from the Latin “cartilage protectors”. This type of medicine is based on the natural elements, which “provide” cartilage with building material. Helpful elements are called glucosamine and chondroitin. Do not be alarmed by these complicated names, in fact these are totally natural ingredients. They produced quite a beneficial effect, relieved pain, and partly restored cartilaginous tissue. However, their influence on the body was not very pronounced. 

Years later rheumatology saw a real breakthrough: these two substances were supplemented with methylsulfonylmethane, a natural source of sulphur. Remedies based on these three ingredients were declared a bomb, a super-product, revolutionary medicine, ...

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For your consideration

Which joint disease is most widespread? How does excessive weight influence joints? How effectively does glucosamine combat joint pains? These and other questions have already been answered by the scientists with mathematical precision, and, knowing the answers, everyone could substantially contribute to their health. 

stat enjoy svedenia50% 
Every second person over 60 suffers from some chronic joint disease. In 45% of cases people over 40 have pathologies of joints, with 30% of patients being younger than 35. 

35-45 year-olds 
The most dangerous type of arthritis—rheumatoid arthritis—frequently affects 35-45 year-olds. Figures reported by doctors are discouraging: 10% of patients become disabled already in the first year, and 50% of patients become handicapped during the first five years after the diagnosis. 

More than...

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The young are at risk too

Most people associate the words “bad joints” with the elderly age, a hunched back, drooped shoulders, staggering slow gait, and a stick in hands. But for the past years the age, when the joint pains start, gets younger and younger. 
Pain in the neck, wrists, chest, shoulder joints sadly are now targeting young people, the generation of advanced technologies. 

stat enjoy delmol1Disastrous Progress 

Work in front of computers, communication in social networks, flirting on dating sites, evenings spent in front of a computer watching movies downloaded from the Internet. The new generation more and more often prefer to chat, date and rest virtually. In reality, young people spend hours squirmed near the computer passionately typing on their keyboards. Doctors are worried because these innocent amusements can often transform into serious health problems. 

Problem: Computer-Neck Syndrome 

These words are used by scientists to describe a type of pain in the neck caused by sitting for a long time in an uncomfortable posture in front of the screen of a top-notch tablet computer or a mobile phone. It gradually leads to scoliosis, the spine...

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Unhealthy delusions

The more widespread a certain phenomenon is—the more fantasies and guesses it gives birth to. We desperately need truth to stop this “myth-making” guesswork. Today we want to focus on joint diseases. 

Myth No. 1. Pain in the Joints Concerns Only Seniors 

stat enjoy zablujd1This statement is completely false. Firstly, the type of joint disease is of the significant importance. Degenrative-distrophic diseases, including the infamous arthrosis, do target older people more often: with age joint mobility decreases, interarticular cartilages lose their elasticity and “wear out”. Whereas joint inflammatory diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, Reiter disease, Bechterew's disease) can target people of any age, even kids. The most dangerous arthritis type—rheumatoid arthritis—usually affects 35-45 year old people. Doctors warn that if one takes no measures to cure arthritis, onecan become an invalid in 1 or 2 years. 
Secondly, the 21st century erased age limits for joint diseases: more and more often young people in their full strength fall victims to joint diseases, not pensioners. The same it true about arthrosis that nowadays targets even 20-year olds. 
There are plenty of reasons for that. For example, ...

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Diet for champions

You think sport means wonderful health, easiness and flexibility? – Yes, but only if it is about only moderate physical training. Those spending hours in gyms and at stadiums have not less, but rather more problems with their health than people who don’t go in for sports at all. Especially of we speak about health of the joints. 

Injures, higher physical and psycho-emotional loads – that’s what an athlete’s hard working days are made of. Joints work at their full and there is commonly no time for proper rest or a visit to the doctor. And very soon health is sacrified in the name of athletic feats. The saddest thing in this situation is that along with health athlets lose their favourite calling too. This may lead to the loss of faith in oneself and outright depression. 

Medal… for courage 

stat enjoy racion1An excessively active lifestyle has many side effects. For example, shooters and biathletes suffer from hearing impairment; swimmers, who spend much time in pools with chlorinated water, complain of maxillitis, otitis and asthma; cyclists more often than others face such...

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Ageing concerns everyone

Years of life give us wisdom and experience but, alas, as we gain these, health and vitality are the price to pay. A bent back, drooping shoulders, painful walking, constricted movements—this is how theatre and movie actors depict old people. Although nobody—regardless of their age—would want to exemplify this. But in order to avoid this one should take good care of their joints. 

According to sad medical statistics, every second person after forty has one or another joint-related pathology. And among people over seventy only one in ten can boast of having no problem with joints. Whereas each problem of this sort is accompanied with torturous, exhausting pain that makes even simplest movements a veritable feat. 

Matter of Time

stat vozrast 1However, pain itself is not an enemy but is rather a friend alerting us to something being wrong with the body. There are 187 joints in the human body, and each can become a target for disease. How does this happen? 

Joint surfaces are covered with cartilage and are enclosed in a sturdy joint capsule. A healthy young person’s cartilage is strong and resilient and the joint capsule produces sufficient amounts of synovial fluid to ease the surface friction and prevent the joints’ "wear and tear", just like motor oil in a car reduces the friction of its mechanical parts. 

With age, every mechanism, even such a perfect one as the human body, gradually starts malfunctioning. The tissue elasticity, including that of ligaments and joint cartilages, gets weaker little by...

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PROPERTIES: Biologically Active Food Supplement (BAFS) for comprehensively sustaining the joint health.

COUNTER INDICATIONS: Individual intolerance to the product components, pregnancy and nursing.

DOSAGE: For adults, 1 capsule daily at meals, washed down with water.

CONTENTS: 30 capsules.

STORAGE: Store at room temperature (less than 25oC or 77oF) in a dry place. Keep away from children.

SHELF LIFE: Three (3) years from the date of manufacture noted on the container

Price: 66.38 лв.
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