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Female Bracelet PentActiv

женска гривна PentActiv женска гривна PentActiv Гривни PentActiv

Stylish, beautiful, healthy

Unique articles that combine stylish design and nanotechnologies of the latest generation. Thanks to the bioceramic and magnetic inserts bracelets provide a health-promoting interaction of the body with five natural elements: silver and oxygen ions, infrared rays, germanium electrons, and magnetic waves. In complex these five elements enhance each other’s action: provide antibacterial and antiviral effect, improve overall body resistibility, boost energy, improve blood circulation, normalize metabolism and blood pressure, ensure tissues’ regeneration and slow down ageing processes, simultaneously producing an anti-inflammatory effect. Bracelets are manufactured from high-quality Japanese surgical steel and their surface is selectively coated with 23-carat gold.

Usage and composition

Advanced technologies, applied in creation of PentActiv bracelets have allowed to unite the power of 5 elements:

NanosilverTeq - inserts with positively charged nanosilver ions.

SolarTeq - bioceramic inserts that emit curative infrared waves within the range of 4-14 micron.

AeroTeq - bioceramic inserts that emit negatively charged ions of oxygen with the concentration of 800—1000 ions/cm3.

GermaTeq - bioceramic inserts with germanium 200 PPM.

MagTeq - magnetic inserts, that create static magnetic field within the range of 750-800 gauss.

Who should wear PentActiv bracelets:

  • Everybody who aspires to preserve health and prolong the active phase of life;
  • Those who suffer from the cardiovascular diseases because of stress, age-related changes or extensive emotional strains;
  • Those who live in industrially developed countries;
  • Those who smoke and drink alcohol;
  • Those who lead sedentary life-style.

The bracelets are offered in two versions: classical design for men and exquisite design for women. Coated with 23-carat gold. Bracelets are offered in the elegant gift package. You can adjust the size of the bracelet to your wrist. Links are removable to ensure better adjacency of a bracelet to the wrist.


  • Have antibacterial properties;
  • Have antiviral action;
  • Improve overall body resistibility;
  • Boost energy;
  • Improve blood circulation;
  • Normalize metabolism;
  • Promote tissues’ regeneration;
  • Slow down ageing processes;
  • Provide an anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Stabilize blood pressure.


PentActiv bracelets apply nanotechnologies that allow to expand capacities of the beneficial impact over the human body, strengthen health, enhance the immunity, and significantly reduce negative effects of various adverse factors.

PentActiv: the secret of health and style

Medicine tends to study the human organism from different angles. If taken as a machine, a human may be described as a complicated bioenergetic system, so to speak, an electric power station. Our organism has its own power generators (first of all the brain and the heart), conductors (nerve fibers), consumers of biocurrents (our organs), and absorbers of excessive, or ballast, electricity (acupuncture points on the skin). By the way, that’s how electroencephalograph and electrocardiograph work—receiving and recording the electric potential produced by the brain cells and the heart.

Problems with electric wiring

stat Pent secretBiocurrents are of great influence on our mood and health. Thanks to bioelectrical currents moving along nerve fibers, peristalsis works in gastrointestinal tract, cardiac muscle contractions occur, our muscles and joints function, providing us with moving activity. Bio-impulses, coming from the brain, regulate synthesis of proteins in the liver and production of hormones in endocrine glands, determine excreting function of the kidneys andrespiration rate. 
All tissues of our body are about 95% water with...

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The Magic of PentActiv Bracelets

Vision Company specialists have managed to prove that bracelets nowadays are not merely fashionable and expensive addition for a dazzling image, but also a unique accessory that is able to restore our health.

braslety PentActivInitially, thousands of years ago, bracelets possessed mystical meaning. They were thought to protect from evil spirits, enemies, misfortunes and illnesses. Historical and archaeological sources consider bracelets an essential part of both male and female image. Many ancient peoples wore bracelets: Sumerians, Incas, Egyptians, Romans, Scythians, Greeks and others. However development of civilization lead to the gradual loss of mystical and symbolic essence of these ornaments. They remained as purely decorative elements. Thus most modern bracelets have become plain showcases of designer and jeweller skills.

A New Solution

The Vision Company has decided to recover the main purpose of the bracelet that it initially acquired—preservation, protection and strengthening of health. You might wonder, how this could be possible. Plain and simple—it has nothing to do with magic. Innovative technologies and latest medical innovations have...

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