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Eternal youth and freshness – isn’t this what beauties of all times dream about? Golden apples and elixirs made from tears of pure virgins, spells that grant juvenility, springs that turn back time have been glorified in legends, fairy tales and stories since olden times. However, modern people believe not in fairy tales but in high technologies and innovative solutions. As they make legends come true and turn dreams into reality by creating unique cosmetic products, just like the rejuvenating gel-antioxidant Millenium Neo. 

Nothing betrays woman’s age as badly as her skin. Diets and sports help to keep a slim body, a professional hairdresser takes care about grey hair, decorative cosmetics emphasize make bright lips and eloquent eyes. But wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes and the ageing contours of the face are hard to hide. 

Hopes that Fail 

stat gelm legenda1Of course one may choose what Mrs. Plastic Surgery has to offer. But the price she charges may turn out to be too high. No, this price is not money, but something much more valuable—our health. Anesthesia, cuts, skin detachment and skin tightening, days on pain killers and weeks for recovery—this is what the popular cosmetic surgery is all about.. From time to time mass media report stories of serious side effects of beauty procedures which take ages to heal. Many famous actresses literally ruined their careers due to surgical misadventures, having turned into strange-looking dolls with stretched skin on immovable face without any mimicry. 

The less dangerous Botox injections are “just” fraught with headaches, inflammatory reactions and complexion deterioration. Skin, so sleek and smooth after beauty injections, gets a shade of grey afterwards. Frequent use of Botox may cause atrophy of facial muscles. Because “the elixir of youth”, botulinus toxin, if you look into the dictionary, is nothing else but a poison that paralyzes muscles. 

Most careful and reasonable beauties choose anti-age cosmetic products, a whide range of which is available in beauty shops and pharmacies. But sadly, there are not much that are really effective among them. Those that seem to be most effective at first sight contain hormones. After the first application of the magic serum skin becomes smooth right away, but every time you use it again the effect becomes less pronounced. Besides, such products may be addictive and their cancellation even for a shot period of time leads to a profound deterioration of skin. Sometimes the “rollback” is so dramatic that skin starts looking older than it was before the application of the “magic product”. 

Other rejuvenating creams are “fair players” but they fight solely with the consequences of aging—dehydration and elasticity loss without really addressing the causes, i.e. free radicals that play an immediate role in the wrinkle formation process. While these “free” ones are free, neither moistening, nor nourishing and vitamins can help to win the fight for juvenility and freshness. 

Beautiful victory 

stat gelm legenda2Vision specialists approached the problem of rejuvenation thoroughly: a totally new product developed by French scientists of Arkopharma and Vision DEM4 laboratory, the rejuvenating gel-antioxidant Millenium Neo, is a truly revolutionary anti-ageing product in European cosmetology.

Active ingredients of the gel deliver a powerful antioxidant effect by neutralizing free radicals. Due to this, cells of mature skin almost fully restore their own rejuvenating and protective capacities. In addition to that, a thoroughly balanced nourishing and moistening care further supports skin cells by neutralizing signs of aging. 

It is hard to believe, but the rejuvenation process starts immediately after the first application of Millenium Neo gel and the impressively unmistakable result comes in five to seven days. Just in a month the skin tone and elasticity improves, wrinkles smoothe out (including the most problemematic ones on the neck), edema reduces and the facial contours become sharp. 

Active ingredients of Millenium Neo gel are natural and are characterized by highest quality. The formula was created to work synergetically: all its components mutually intensify and complete each other. 

stat gelm legenda3Sodium hyaluronate moisturizes skin intensively at the cellular level, activates the regeneration process of skin cells and wound healing. 
Wheat protein stimulates the collagen and elastin synthesis, smoothes small wrinkles and skin roughness, reduces pores, moisturizes and nourishes skin weakened by stresses. 
Aloe barbadensis — a perfect natural antiseptic. 
Ginkgo biloba provides strong vasorelaxant action, activates processes of microcirculation in tissues and cell metabolism. 
Panax ginseng — a powerful restorative for energy, fights with aging processes. 
Equisetum arvense (field horsetail) improves metabolism, reduces edema of different origins, produces an antiseptic effect. 
Camellia Sinensis — an ultimate plan antioxidant. 
Centella Asiatica regenerates skin cells, normalizes water-and-salt and fat metabolism, cleanses blood. 
Vitamin E — the “beauty vitamin”, improves skin nourishing, takes an antioxidant effect. 

Preservatives in the composition of Millenium Neo gel—chlorphenesin as well as the mixture of benzyl alcohol and dehydroacetic acid (EDTA)—have a good reputation as safe and non-toxic. Chlorphenesin exhibits powerful antifungal and antibacterial properties and the mixture of benzyl alcohol and dehydroacetic acid is allowed for use in cosmetics which is certified as ecological and organic. Moreover, these preservatives are used instead of parabens which very often cause allergies. 

The texture of Millenium Neo gel is smooth and soft. Due to its lightness, it doesn’t block pores, allowing for normal skin breathing and easy absorption. A unique air-tight packaging with an air-free pump prevents air access inside the bottle and oxidation of ingredients. This ensures maximum effectiveness of the product during its shelf life. Gel-antioxidant Millenium Neo grants beauty, attractiveness and self-confidence to women of all ages.