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It won’t be an exaggeration to say that spring is the most beautiful season of the year. Every day the sun gets warmer, the sky—clearer, the clothes–more colourful and bold. The trees are greener, birds’ songs are heard everywhere, people around are smiling and women are trying on new dresses and looking in the mirrors more often. Vision stays within this stream of renovation and blossoming, and presents us with the best spring-time product: rejuvenating and protective antioxidant skin-care gel—Millenium Neo, with a new and advanced formula of the famous Millenium gel. 

Millenium Neo means Beauty and Youth. 

stat gelmneo vesdor1At all times artists have pictured spring as a young glowing girl, charming and thoughtless, wearing a floral crown and a light dress. Every single woman wants to look like that and Vision can make this dream come true. 

Millenium Neo slows down ageing of the skin, deeply moisturizes it and protects from the influence of free radicals. Supreme quality plant extracts of the gel increase skin elasticity, they also smooth out wrinkles, stimulate collagen synthesis, improve complexion and relieve puffiness. The rejuvenating process starts immediately after the first application of the gel and visible results follow after 5-7 days. A month later all wrinkles, including wrinkles on the neck, will soften considerably and you will feel able to outshine the Spring herself.







Millenium Neo – Sun Block and Protection 

stat gelmneo vesdor2The spring sun, though long awaited, can be quite treacherous: an overexposure will result in a peeling skin with red spots. Unfortunately, fresh green leaves on the trees are not yet able to give protection from the aggressive UV-radiation, to which the skin is unaccustomed after a long winter. Millenium Neo gel, applied before going out, will shield it from the negative influence of the sun and relieve irritation and redness if applied after. 

Sodium hyaluronate activates the skin cells regeneration process and relieves peeling. 
Wheat protein moisturizes and nourishes skin weakened by UV-stresses. 
Ginkgo biloba activates microcirculation processes in tissues and cell metabolism. 
Panax ginseng is a powerful energy booster. 
Field horsetail produces an antiseptic effect. 
Camellia Sinensis is an ultimate plant antioxidant. 
Centella Asiatica regenerates skin cells. 
Vitamin E is a renowned ‘beauty vitamin’ that produces an antioxidant effect.


Millenium Neo Means Joy and Perfect Mood 

Everyone likes gifts, especially those given without any particular reason. Millenium Neo gel in an elegant stylish bottle—co-designed by the French pharmaceutical company Arkopharma and the DEM4 Laboratory—is a perfect gift for your female friends, mother or mother-in-law as well as for your perfect self. This gift in itself is a reason for a holiday!