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Rejuvenating Millenium gel—a renowned Vision’s product—is the objective evidence that one can master time, slow it down or even stop it, whenever the process of skin ageing is in question. Aram Aroutiounian, Vice-President of the Vision company and a resident of the DEM4 laboratory, has shared his ideas about the new century and the innovative product. 


Millenium gel is the company’s legend and a truly unique product. On the one hand, it is one of the oldest products of Vision and has a 15-year record of successful work. But on the other hand, it is in fact a newborn product, because Millenium Neo gel with its advanced formula is launched to the market in 2012. Is it a metaphor of eternal youth or a marketing trick, or maybe something else?

—I would rather vote for the third option. But I also like the first one. As we all know, the best-selling products don’t need marketing tricks. Millenium has always stayed at the cutting edge. But in this changing world, we constantly discover new effective methods to process raw materials, introduce innovative technologies and conduct various studies. 

Millenium Neo is offered to the customers in 2012. It is a highly effective rejuvenating and protective antioxidant facial care gel. The word “protective” is in this case equally important as the word “rejuvenating”, because conditions of the modern world profoundly complicate protection of the skin from adverse environmental effects: increased solar activity, polluted air and water. These factors tend to influence the ageing of the skin directly. 

Does that mean that rejuvenating cosmetics without antioxidant properties is not effective? 
—Well, it is effective. But then it really has to work hard. Imagine trying to warm the room with the open windows. The cold air will immediately take away all the warmth. But once you close the windows, everything changes completely. When the windows are open—only quite powerful products used by professional cosmetologists can help, and the result will only be temporary. If skin cells are healthy and protected from the destructive power of free radicals, then hydrating and nourishing ingredients of the Gel will act effectively, though gently. 

Which hydrating and nourishing ingredients in particular does Neo Gel contain? Has anything changed? 
—The formula of this product is our Company’s pride. All its active ingredients are natural, but at the same time hypoallergic, and are perfectly balanced with each other in one product. They have exceptional powers, and of course we have preserved them all. 

So, speaking the language of network marketing, how can you promote these ingredients? 
—If you don’t mind I can demonstrate it with the help of my laptop. Not because I don’t remember the formula of our legendary product, but rather because Millenium Neo is our particular pride, its formula is perfectly aligned, thus the promotion of ingredients has to be as precise as possible. 

So as you see, the main hydrating expert is the Sodium hylauronate. It deeply moisturizes skin at the cellular level and creates a kind of protective layer that prevents dehydration. Apart from that, it activates regenerating and wound-healing processes. 

Wheat protein stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis (both ensure skin elasticity, and thus prevent wrinkles), reduces pores, hydrates and nourishes the skin weakened by stresses. 

Aloe contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other useful substances. It unblocks pores, removes toxins, and stimulates blood circulation. More than that, this plant produces a simultaneous anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, detox, and bactericidal effect. 

Panax ginseng extract is a powerful antioxidant. It has tissue-strengthening, energy boosting and stimulating properties, nourishes the skin, enhances blood circulation and metabolism, has a rejuvenating action, normalizes the water-salt balance, relieves puffiness and fatigue. 

Camellia leaves extract is a rare and precious ingredient. It protects the skin from adverse effects of free radicals and harmful radiation from the sun, stimulates life processes in cells, promotes hydration, gently soothes the skin and relieves its irritation, improves complexion. Cosmetic products with Camellia can also boast of bactericidal and antibacterial properties. 

Field horsetail stimulates renewal of skin cells, enhances oxygen and lipid metabolism, facilitates the reduction of pores, and possesses styptic properties. 

Centella prevents premature skin ageing, stimulates epithelialization process, regenerates skin cells, normalizes water-salt and lipid metabolism, purifies blood as well as accelerates healing of wounds and burns. 

Ginkgo biloba is one of the best-selling medicinal herbs in the world, provides a strong vasodilating action, significantly enhances microcirculation processes in tissues, saturates them with oxygen, and activates cell metabolism. A powerful antioxidant, Ginkgo biloba protects cell membranes from the attacks of free radicals, restores elasticity and strength of blood vessels. 

Quite a lot of properties. Why does a rejuvenating product need ingredients with, say, wound-healing, styptic or anti-inflammatory properties? It is not a medical drug against burns or scratches.

—Well, even the scientists of the DEM4 laboratory have not yet learned to ‘swithch off’ selected useful properties of a certain ingredient. There is no need to do so, really. If there are no wounds, scratches or burns, the anti-inflammatory properties of the product will not hurt anyway. But if there are—the same components can be helpful. It is not just by chance that all these pleasant “side effects”—wound-healing, complexion improving, bactericidal, etc.— have made Millenium gel famous as a home first-aid kit. It’s not a secret that success of the Gel is founded on its exceptional ability to deal with skin problems: dermatitis, burns, acne, scars, bruises or scratches. To sum up, I can say that the Gel has surpassed the boldest expectations of its creators.


Appaarently, all ingredients of Millenium gel—well, it is Millenium Neo gel now,—are natural and the product doesn’t contain preservatives? 
—Of course, not all of them and of course, there are some preservatives. However, its active ingredients are natural—those that produce a rejuvenating, strengthening and improving effect. But there are also some auxiliary ingredients, as in all cosmetic products. As for the preservatives—cosmetics can’t last long without them, otherwise after a couple of days it starts spoiling. By the way, the new Gel version contains modern, even more effective preservatives. Chlorphenesin has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Another widely known preservative with an unpronounceable title—Benzil alchohol and Dehydroacetic acid compound—is allowed even in cosmetics certified as ecologically safe and/or organic. 

Will the “Neo” part influence the product’s price? 
—Surely, not. We love our clients and above all try to give them an updated product, not an updated price. The product’s price, package design, and the light gel-like consistency will remain, as well as our care for the Company customers and desire to provide them with the best natural health and beauty products. 

Source: “People’s Planet”.