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What does your home first-aid kit contain? Thousand and one pills against colds and flu, poisonings and headaches, some cotton wool, antiseptic strips… And what do you keep in stock for injuries that are most frequent among home accidents? Don’t you know what type of injuries these are? — Yes, we are going to talk about burns. 

There is no denying the fact that from time to time housewives happen to rush around the house in search of pain-relieving and healing medicine, groaning and blowing furiously on the place of burn to soothe the pain. Scorching oil splashed from the pan. Or a hot disobedient iron brushed against your finger once you got distracted by something interesting on TV. Or sunshine suddenly got too active… Everything happens! Great numbers of people get burns each year. If such a trouble happened to you, it is safe to bear in mind the following simple rules. 

stat gelmneo pozharRule No. 1. Mild burns are characterized by the feeling of pain, slight redness and the swelling of skin. In this case there are no reasons to worry. Of course it is recommended to visit a doctor if the burn causes strong pain and the damaged spot is covered with liquid-filled blisters. Consult a specialist if after one or two days you feel swelling or strong pain in the place of burn; fever can signify a possible infection. 

Rule No. 2. Exposure to cold is the first aid against burns. If you burned yourself with something hot, like scorching oil, steam or boiling water, try to hold the injured spot in cold water for 15-20 minutes. After that apply a cold wet gauze or bandage, and make a loose sterile dressing. If the burn is the consequence of chemical exposure—wash it abundantly with water. The only chemical substance that has to be treated differently is the treacherous caustic lime. Upon contact with water it releases heat that can aggravate the situation, that’s why it is recommended to remove it with the help of oil. 

Which methods of traditional medicine do you know that can relieve burns and accelerate their healing? For one, apply “natural antibiotic”—aloe. Apart from its famous antiseptic properties, it produces an active hydrating and cooling effect on the area of the burn. Another good remedy is raw grated potato. The injured area can also be treated with the decoction of field horsetail as it relieves swelling. After cooling the area of the burn it is good to apply oily vitamin E solution to prevent scarring. 

However, for those who appreciate the power of nature but equally respect science there is Rule No. 3. It reads: complement your first-aid kit with Vision’s Millenium Neo gel, a cosmetic product made in France. Thus there will be no need to borrow aloe from a neighbour, search for horsetail in the fields, rush to the nearest pharmacy for vitamin E—all these ingredients are already contained in Millenium Neo gel. Natural and active, they produce the same beneficial effect. And the fact that the gel contains these ingredients as extracts, i.e. in concentrated form, only further enhances its powerful action. Apart from that, the Vision specialists have developed its formula based on the latest innovations and added a whole range of new, even more useful ingredients, which has lent the gel an ultimate level of effectiveness. 

The name “Millenium Neo” seems familiar to you, only it “resides” in your cosmetic bag instead of first-aid kit? It’s not surprising, because apart from all medical properties the gel is also famous for its cosmetic features that produce a rejuvenating and antioxidant effect. 24% of active ingredients put the gel onto the level of professional skin care products. So what is included in this product, so popular and recommended by those who choose naturalness and effectiveness? 

stat gelmneo pozhar1Camellia Sinensis (extract)—there is no other plant in reference books on plants with more pronounced antioxidant properties. 

Wheat protein—is a perfect alternative to useless collagen contained in many ineffective crèmes. Wheat protein stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin by the skin itself, which facilitates its rejuvenation from inside and makes it smooth, resilient and elastic. It also smoothes out small wrinkles and imperfections, and reduces pores. 

Ginkgo biloba (extract) is a long-living plant that helps prolong youth of the skin as it activates processes of microcirculation. 

Panax ginseng (extract) is a natural energy booster that efficiently restores the resources of epidermis. 

Centella Asiatica (extract) prevents premature ageing, helps the regeneration of skin cells, regulates water and salt and lipid metabolism. 

Sodium hyaluronate is a phytogenic ingredient responsible for prevention of skin dehydration. It possesses regenerating, antiviral, bactericidal and wound-healing properties. 

Millenium Neo gel is produced according to the strictest European standards. For example, all plants undergo supercritical carbon dioxide extraction. This is a progressive processing method that doesn’t involve useless and sometimes even harmful dissolvents, and at the same time preserves active properties of plant ingredients to the maximum extent. This product will be appreciated not only by those who aspire to stay fresh and young. And not only by those who need first aid against burns, cuts, scratches or stings. The gel can also solve the problem of scars and cicatrices. 

Do scars decorate a man? As far as the proverb goes, they apparently do, however not everybody agrees with this opinion. But of course it is completely different when it comes to women! Some people try to hide appendicitis scars, although they are invisible to those around. Often, even tiny scars left by the teenage acne surge, that can be seen only with a strong magnifying mirror, annoy and cause discomfort, let alone more noticeable problems which are not only able to spoil mood at one glance in the mirror or at the photos, but can even lead to the formation of psychological complexes. 

Millenium Neo gel reduces hypertrophic cicatrices, new and old scars, traces of burns, frostbites, acne, skin expansions and keloids. And if the gel is used during the healing process, the probability of scarring and burn traces is minimized. 

Millenium Neo gel — love your skin, protect it, make sure that it stays healthy! And always keep a bottle of the gel at hand, just in case…