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Most people associate the words “bad joints” with the elderly age, a hunched back, drooped shoulders, staggering slow gait, and a stick in hands. But for the past years the age, when the joint pains start, gets younger and younger. 
Pain in the neck, wrists, chest, shoulder joints sadly are now targeting young people, the generation of advanced technologies. 

stat enjoy delmol1Disastrous Progress 

Work in front of computers, communication in social networks, flirting on dating sites, evenings spent in front of a computer watching movies downloaded from the Internet. The new generation more and more often prefer to chat, date and rest virtually. In reality, young people spend hours squirmed near the computer passionately typing on their keyboards. Doctors are worried because these innocent amusements can often transform into serious health problems. 

Problem: Computer-Neck Syndrome 

These words are used by scientists to describe a type of pain in the neck caused by sitting for a long time in an uncomfortable posture in front of the screen of a top-notch tablet computer or a mobile phone. It gradually leads to scoliosis, the spine joints get deformed, and brain doesn’t get enough blood. All this causes neck pains and headaches, pain in the chest and in the shoulder joints. 

Problem: Tunnel Syndrome 

Frequent use of a computer mouse, a keyboard or texting on the cell phone causes another unpleasant problem: pain, pangs or numbness in the wrists and the working hand. It is caused by the blocked wrist median nerve of that goes through the carpal tunnel. It results in an inflammation or edema in the joint, sinews and muscles. Pain can grow so strong with time that it starts interfering with work and makes the most habitual actions painful. American scientists have found that those working in front of the computer more than 20 hours a week (which only makes 3 hours a day) are subject to a doubled risk of the tunnel syndrome. 

stat enjoy delmol2Problem: Manager’s Syndrome 

It is a main problem of all office workers who experience hypodynamia, stresses, chronic overstrain and spine diseases. Joint pains are often caused by an uncomfortable working position. If the back is everyday leaned at 20-30 degrees angle for several hours, it produces the same effect as unloading goods from a train. Scoliosis impairs blood supply to internal organs and causes blood congestion in the pelvic organs. This situation is worsened by excessive weight that increases pressure on joints: according to the latest survey data, office workers are in the risk group. Again, the reason is the sedentary life and high-calorie snacks: chips that so many young people are addicted to, as well as chocolate bars, fizzy drinks and coffee with sugar and cream, hamburgers and fast-food noodles with too much fat and “quick” carbs. 

Problem: High Injury Rate 

Even sports together with active relaxation don’t give joints enough rest: young people nowadays prefer unsafe sports like parkour, snowboarding, roller-skating and cycling. Their main problem is high injury rate for the joints. 

Young People Should Know 

The words “Exercise every morning, sleep more and eat healthily” mean boring life to most of us. At 20 or even 30 years of age, it still feels like health supplies are inexhaustible! But everything is passing and lasts till the first strike of unexpected lightning pain in the back or unbearable pain in a knee after the gym, and going to a doctor becomes a sad must. Unfortunately, after these first signs there are always further ones to follow, not only as a warning, but as a serious threat to health and the usual way of life. 
It is important to start prevention of joint diseases long before the doctors prescribe a strong medicine, painful treatment sessions or even surgery. Preventive measures should be as powerful, effective and safe as can be. For example, a daily set of exercises and the unique EnjoyNT food supplement for strengthening the joints. 
This biologically active supplement designed by Vision DEM4 laboratory and the European pharmaceutical group Arkopharma—is a huge breakthrough in fighting joint diseases. It combines many years of applied research with the latest manufacturing technologies. The classic time-tested joint healers—glucosamine and chondroitin—are combined in this food supplement with the active bamboo extract that has never been in similar food supplements before. 
Glucosamine facilitates restoration of the damaged cartilage and prevents its destruction. Chondroitin acts as a building material for the creation of new healthy cartilaginous tissue instead of the tissue destroyed by injuries and diseases. MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action.Extract of bamboo, a plant that symbolizes youth, strength and renovation, amplifies the action of the other ingredients and strengthens bone tissues.

Youth is not only a state of mind, but also a perfect state of health that EnjoyNT food supplement will help to maintain for many years.