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Which joint disease is most widespread? How does excessive weight influence joints? How effectively does glucosamine combat joint pains? These and other questions have already been answered by the scientists with mathematical precision, and, knowing the answers, everyone could substantially contribute to their health. 

stat enjoy svedenia50% 
Every second person over 60 suffers from some chronic joint disease. In 45% of cases people over 40 have pathologies of joints, with 30% of patients being younger than 35. 

35-45 year-olds 
The most dangerous type of arthritis—rheumatoid arthritis—frequently affects 35-45 year-olds. Figures reported by doctors are discouraging: 10% of patients become disabled already in the first year, and 50% of patients become handicapped during the first five years after the diagnosis. 

More than 10-12% of our planet’s population suffer from arthrosis. It is the most widespread and frequent of all joint diseases, the general list of which includes about one hundred entries. According to the statistics provided by rheumatologists from Europe and US, arthrosis accounts for 70% of all rheumatic diseases. For the past decade, inability to work because of arthrosis has grown by 3to 5 times in these countries. 

By 3-5 Times 
During fast walks and running, knee and hip joints experience a load that exceeds body weight by 3 to 5 times. It means that if the body weight equals 120-150 kg, leg joints experience the load of 400-700 kg with every step. These data have been collected by German scientists from Berlin Orthopaedic hospital. 

3000 Steps 
3000 steps three times a week plus natural food supplements can together alleviate half of the pain caused by arthritis—as the scientists of the University of Queensland (Australia) have proved. “It is generally known that movement is of crucial importance to fight arthritis, as it supports muscles in tonus. However, the amount of loads was not quite clear. This study has answered this question—painful sensations of patients have reduced by half. However, the increased loads no longer influenced the result of the study”—commented the scientists. Simultaneously, participants were also taking glucosamine sulphate, which relieved pain by another 13%. 

“About 38% of our health rests upon silicon”—supposes M.Voronkov, a well-known scientist, specializing in organic and physical-organic chemistry. Judging by the experience of medics in different countries, silicon as a therapeutic agent produces quite a beneficial effect in curing more than 50 diseases, including joint diseases in the first place. 
Silicon ensures normal synthesis of basic protein of connecting tissues, which helps to bind separate fibers of collagen and elastin, and provides better elasticity of connective tissues. Bamboo is the leader among natural sources of silicon: its stems alone contain enough silicon to meet the requirements of the human body. 

By 40-80% 
3-4 cups of coffee, tea or another caffeinated drink increases the risk of aggravation of joint diseases among women during the following 24 hours by 40-80%. British scientists came to this conclusion based on the studies with more than 600 female participants. Specialists tend to believe that the impact of caffeine increases the uric acid level in females, which adversely affects joints. 

By 15 % 
The strength of cartilages and bones reduces by 15% already after one week in bed without motion. 

Every fourth person on our planet complains of joint pains from time to time. 

By 23% 
High-heeled shoes increase the load on knee joints by 23%. That is why, according to statistics, women suffer from osteoarthritis—a knee joint disease—more often than men. 

4500 BC 
As historians believe, arthritis has already existed in the year 4500 BC. 

By 80% 
Glucosamine relieves general symptoms of chronic osteoarthritis by 80% already after 21 days of use. These results have been demonstrated by a research of this substance, conducted by Italian scientists in Venice. Patients’ condition started to improve immediately after seven days, and three weeks later a quarter of the participants completely got rid of their symtoms. Scientists all over the world explain this effect of chondroprotectors by the fact that not only they suppress the destruction of the cartilaginous tissue and enhance metaboliс processes in the cartilage, but also stimulate the regeneration of the cartilage thus helping joints to recover. Among the most famous chondroprotectors are Glucosamine hydrochloride and Chondroitin sodium sulphate, contained in the new food supplement EnjoyNT. 

1-st place 
The first place among the causes of all disabilities in the USA is occupied by arthritis: more than 42 million people suffer from this disease, and every sixth of them becomes handicapped. 

25 Million 
Finger joints bend and unbend approximately 25 million times in the course of a human life. 

1.5 Million 
About 1.5 million endoprosthesis replacement surgeries are performed in the world annually. According to statistics, they are required more and more often. 

More than 72% of all sick leaves in Europe are issued for spine and joint illnesses.