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With the help of Vision distributional system, the DEM4 laboratory is introducing a product, which is bound to become an absolute leader. Why? Let’s ask the leader of the company, Holder of the Diamond Excellence Order, member of the Millionaire Club Vision, Tatiana Surova. 

stat enjoy liderNot only are joint diseases the most widespread, but also the most painful of all illnesses. A great deal of people all over the world, from seniors to youngsters, suffer incredibly from excruciating pains. How were joint diseases cured before? Methods of those days—injections or surgery—were undoubtedly torturous, and unfortunately, not always helpful. Luckily, 40 years ago a remedy, called chondroprotectors, appeared in Europe. This title derives from the Latin “cartilage protectors”. This type of medicine is based on the natural elements, which “provide” cartilage with building material. Helpful elements are called glucosamine and chondroitin. Do not be alarmed by these complicated names, in fact these are totally natural ingredients. They produced quite a beneficial effect, relieved pain, and partly restored cartilaginous tissue. However, their influence on the body was not very pronounced. 

Years later rheumatology saw a real breakthrough: these two substances were supplemented with methylsulfonylmethane, a natural source of sulphur. Remedies based on these three ingredients were declared a bomb, a super-product, revolutionary medicine, etc. But those, speaking with these big words, definitely had no idea, that the Vision company has already started research on this relevant matter and prepared to improve the existing formula. And so it happened. Three pillars of the classical modern treatment of joint pains—glucosamine, chondroitine and methylsulfonylmethane—have been supplemented with the bamboo extract by the scientists of the DEM4 laboratory. Now—with a new food supplement EnjoyNT based on these ingredients—it’s safe to say that joint therapy has been revolutionized—and all that due to Vision’s credit. 

It would be reasonable to give a more detailed account of these remarkable ingredients that are included in the new food supplement for joints. 

Glucosamine is the irreplaceable building material for cartilages. It belongs to the class of amino sugars, but unlike other carbohydrates, its power is directed not to receive additional energy, but rather to form connective tissue of cartilages, sinews, and cardiac valves, to regenerate synovia, and improve hair, nails, etc. It has been proved that connective tissue is formed in the body only provided the sufficient amount of glucosamine. 

Chondroitine is a high-molecular polysachharide that facilitates nourishment and protection of the cartilage, as well as its effective regeneration. Just imagine: the damaged cartilages restore with every taken capsule. Another significant feature of chondroitine—is the ability to preserve water in cartilages, and subsequently create water pads, which resist impact from the outside and protect a joint. It is essential for doing exercises, sports and in case of traumas. Chondroitine helps reduce joint pains and improves joint flexibility and mobility. On top of that, this substance has another striking feature: it invigorates the whole body, producing a general beneficial effect and enhancing the cardio-vascular system. 

A very difficult word, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)—as has already been mentioned—means just a natural source of sulphur, which produces a unique effective analgetic action. Besides, it also helps restore connective tissue, cartilages, improves the skin, hair, nails and has an anti-inflammatory effect. 

After the first products with these three ingredients appeared, several clinical studies were carried out in Europe and Russia, which proved that their action restores cartilaginous tissue, increases the amount of synovia, and alleviates joint pains. 

I believe, not only distributors, but also the Company’s clients remember that bamboo extract is contained inJunior Be Big, which is intended for kids. This ingredient is extremely healthy, as it is an excellent source of silicon. As a cosmetologist, I am aware of its absolutely astonishing property to stimulate collagen synthesis in the connective tissues. The academician V.I. Vernadsky once said: “The body can not survive without silicon.” With time, unfortunately, the content of silicon in the body reduces, and the shortage of this element causes metabolic disorders. 

I know about joint pains from my own experience. Some time ago I had serious problems with the spine. In addition, I fell and ended up in hospital. After all examinations and magnetic resonance imaging, doctors diagnosed knee joint injury and prescribed a chondroprotector—an American product—which included only two components: glucosamine and chondroitine. I would like to underline its price: one bottle cost 60 Euro. Besides, it had to be taken regularly, in a prolonged course and big amounts—so that one bottle didn’t even last for a month. And I would like to stress again—the product contained but two ingredients. 

So you can imagine, what a treasure EnjoyNT food supplement is: and now it can be easily available thanks to the achievements of the Vision company! For so many people all over the world need this product! 

I must confess that in the wonderful product range of our company there are some of my all-time favorites. For example, regardless of what food supplement program I follow at the moment, I definitely include Granatine Q10 in it, because its ingredients produce a vivid rejuvenating effect on the body. So my point is that the new EnjoyNT food supplement is absolutely amazing and I will definitely include it in my personal youth and beauty program. Apart from its primary effect, glucosamine restores the structure of hair and nails, while chondroitine heals skin damages, MSM softens tissues and does not let cells stiffen, and the bamboo extract improves the condition of collagen fibers. This product is indispensable for everyone: for the seniors—to remain healthy and prevent ageing, and the young—to preserve youth and health for many years to come. Do not waste precious time, start telling about this astonishing product right away and don’t hesitate to promote it properly and competently!