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We all want to live, if not forever, then long and happily. However, happiness is simply unthinkable without good health and feeling young. But is it possible to retain those priceless gifts?



With each passing year, the notions of "maturity" and "old age" move further and further away. While in the 19th century a lady of 55 was considered "an old dame", now she is seen as none other than "a middle-aged woman", while the very onset of withering gradually shifted from the previous wrong side of thirty to the wrong side of 40 or even 45. 

A modern person does everything to stay young as long as possible. Cosmetology and plastic surgery work wonders, "subtracting" a dozen years for those eager but, unfortunately, all this is limited to the appearance only. 

The current rapid life tempo, fit for the young, wears down the organism almost faster than some centuries ago. Moreover, the first blow is struck at its most important system, cardiovascular. With each passing year, the number of "heart cases" steadily grows and the diseases themselves rapidly get younger – there are occurrences of heart attacks now even among young people of 25. 

The "flaming motor of the heart" malfunctions unforgivably often – today cardiovascular system diseases are the leading mortality causes all over the world. 

But even those insensitive to the "affairs of the heart" after thirty start complaining of increased tiredness and chronic fatigue, of the general health deterioration, of reduced concentration ability and performance. 

The main reason for such unwelcome metamorphoses is the decreasing content of a special substance with the complicated name of Q10 coenzyme (or ubiquinone) that is vital for the cell energy balance and the health of the entire organism. 

It is Q10 coenzyme that is responsible for the formation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecules, a significant energy carrier in the organism. The lifespan of one ATP molecule is less than a minute, so there are just no "energy" reserves of ATP in the organism. They have to be replenished constantly. 

The largest concentration of Q10 coenzyme is in the cardiac muscle, since the heart for beating unceasingly requires ATP. 

Ubiquinone also sustains metabolism at the proper level, while disruptions of that level initiate diabetes and other endocrine disorders, cholesterol accumulations and excess weight problems. 

Researchers determined that a young healthy body produces up to 300 mg of ubiquinone daily. However, after 30 the content of Q10 coenzyme drops each year and by 60 it comes to just 50% of the "young" score.

q5Another reason for the organism steady ageing can be found in free radicals. The term means "faulty" compounds with a lacking electron. Trying to compensate for that fault, the "free" grab the lacking electron from heathy cells in our organism, thus destroying them. First free radicals deal with damaged cells and then start attacking good ones. Free radicals are responsible for cancers, atherosclerosis and pancreatic diabetes.

In Seed Veritas 

Is it possible to turn back the time when health is at stake? Is it feasible to rejuvenate the body, to renew the cells, to make the heart work as in the youth – without intermissions and faults? Can the elixir of eternal youth formula be discovered that haunted alchemists of the antiquity and researchers of the last century? 

Yes, it is and it can! And the main components of that formula should be the substances suppressing free radicals and increasing the Q10 coenzyme level. 

At this, the most stringent requirements are made for the "antioxidant" component, since it has to combine effectiveness with the natural origins. Otherwise, the formula will not be safe – research has proved that "chemical" antioxidants are fraught with serious and hazardous overdosing. 

Vision has managed to do the really impossible – to discover and patent the formula not for eternal but for really lasting youth named GRANATIN Q10

GRANATIN Q10 bioactive food supplement contains Q10 coenzyme, vitamins C and E as well as a most powerful antioxidant – pomegranate powder.


This last ingredient is the formula of youth know-how. Pomegranate embodies immortality, eternal fertility and happy future. The pomegranate curative properties have been known to people for thousands years. And that "apple" (pome) is really rejuvenating, since its seeds are rich in vitamins, minerals and have most powerful antioxidant effect as compared with other natural sources. 

Q10 coenzyme in the food supplement forms a serious rejuvenating duo with pomegranate powder helping in renewing and regenerating cells. It retards the ageing process, controls and lowers the arterial blood pressure, prevents the ishemic heart disease and cardiac infarctions. In addition, Q10 coenzyme has no side effects and is not addictive. Specialists recommend taking preparations with Q10 coenzyme starting at 30 or 35 – in order to feel thirty again even at your sixtieth jubilee. 

Be healthy together with Vision!