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CHOLESTEROL The word "cholesterol" is now a household word even for those who in general are indifferent to the healthy lifestyle issues. But not many people know why it is really hazardous and, the main thing, how to fight it. 

The word "cholesterol" is now a household word even for those who in general are indifferent to the healthy lifestyle issues. But not many people know why it is really hazardous and, the main thing, how to fight it.



They dub cholesterol with a lot of tags – a noiseless killer, the 21st century problem… Each year over seven million people die of cardiovascular diseases. Those very ailments are the first in the "top black ten" of the mortality causes the world over. And almost all heart diseases are connected in some way to the emergence of atherosclerosis for which cholesterol is one of the initiators. 

Still, that substance is not the ultimate evil incarnate at all. On the contrary, our organism would not be able to survive without cholesterol. 
Cholesterol is present in all body organs and tissues, it is necessary for the hormone production, for building cellular membranes in the organism, for synthesizing bile acids needed to digest fatty foods. 

The cholesterol shortage can lead to depression, apathy, to problems with brain functioning, to the increased risk of cancer and of catching infectious diseases. But, as the famous Paracelsus once wrote, everything is poison and everything is cure, it is determined by the dose. 

And as soon as the content of the useful and necessary cholesterol in our organism exceeds the norm, from a friend and helper it turns into an enemy and even a killer. Most terrible is that those metamorphoses occur for a long time without any symptoms and manifest themselves only when it is already too difficult or even impossible to change anything. That is why cholesterol got the fame of the "noiseless" killer. 

But where do those deathly "excesses" come from? The thing is that cholesterol comes to the organism from two sources: its bulk is produced by liver while slightly less than one-third is supplied with food.

lcb 2When one or the other source (or both together) overfulfils the delivery plan, the cholesterol level in blood increases. When walls of our blood vessels get damaged for some reason, excesses of the so-called "bad" cholesterol start to deposit themselves in the damaged spots. They form atherosclerotic plaques that gradually block the vessel. 

The consequences are quite dismal: atherosclerosis leads to hypertension, to acute (heart attacks, strokes) and chronic (ischemic heart disease, chronic brain circulation disruptions) diseases of the heart and brain blood vessels, to damage of lower limb arteries, to dissecting aorta aneurysm, to insulin-independent diabetes. 

The special risk group for atherosclerosis includes people with excess weight, those having bad habits and persons who are genetically prone to the early atherosclerosis development. According to statistics, there are more than 250 million people in the world in that last category! 

Today doctors and researchers all over the world are concerned with fighting atherosclerosis. Since, as specialists have found out, cleaning major blood vessels of cholesterol slows down starting with the age of 17. That means that by the time they are 20 quite young people acquire permanent solid plaques in their vessels. 

Surely, the atherosclerosis prevention and cholesterol level control should start at a very young age. However, how to attain that? Physicians and dietitians in the world have tried all sorts of ways! Some developed low-cholesterol products that, alas, made almost no change in the situation (and sometimes even exacerbated it – soft butter, spreads and margarine containing no animal fat proved more hazardous than the regular butter.) Others recommended excluding eggs from diets – as it turned out later, without any valid reasons. Still others insisted on low-cholesterol (and low-efficiency) diet. The problems of preventing atherosclerosis have been discussed at the world symposiums, scientific treatises and medical papers have been devoted to it… Meanwhile the "noiseless killer" was seeking new victims. 



Vision could not keep out of that large-scale frightening cholesterol problem. And by the end of the 21st century first decade, the bodyguard product emerged capable of defending our blood vessels against the "noiseless killer". 

New LCBalance (LC – Level of Cholesterol) bioactive food supplement has managed to solve that, seemingly unsolvable, problem. It brought under control both "external" sources of cholesterol and its internal reserves. Moreover, at the same time, without reducing the content of that necessary substance below the proper norm. 
Vision LCBalance reduces the cholesterol level in both ways – it blocks the "bad" cholesterol production in liver (the internal factor of 75-80%) and prevents the "bad" cholesterol penetration from the digestive tract (the external factor of 20-25%). 

Policosanol contained in the new food supplement helps regulate cholesterol in blood slowing down its absorbtion by the intestine. Policosanol reduces almost by half HMGCoA ferment production that participates in the cholesterol synthesis. 

The other components of LCBalance are phytosterols, natural elements of plant cell membranes. They block the cholesterol synthesis in liver, acting on the "bad" cholesterol. 

Those two ingredients of LCBalance, just like a "weight" on scales, help keep the required balance of cholesterol in the organism. They prevent even a slight overweight saving our health and the very life.