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People who are sensitive to ultraviolet radiation are in special need of sun protection products. Scientists have computed the total amount of solar energy our body can endure over our lifetime, or the so called “solar resistance endurance life”, using the engineering term, for which our body is “pre-wired.” For example, white-skinned light-haired earthlings can spend 50,000 hours in the sun over their entire lifetime without harming their health. Their dark-complexioned brethren can spend three times as long in the sun. When we speak of a proper and safe tan, we have to remember that not all of us have the same skin resistance to ultraviolet radiation. Experts have divided Earth’s population into six groups depending on skin type: 

Type 1

People with very light skin, blue or green eyes, blond or red hair. Experts call them albinos. Their skin contains very little melanin, which helps absorb and filter solar rays. People with this type of skin get sunburns very easily (their skin reddens), but they rarely tan - more frequently they only get red. It is not recommended for such people to tan at all, because their skin is unable to protect itself against the ultraviolet. They can only spend five or ten minutes safely in bright sunlight. The only way out of the situation is to be in the shade, which is entirely sufficient to keep them healthy.

Type 2

People who have an English, Scottish, Baltic, or Scandinavian inheritance: light blue or brown eyes, blond or red hair, and freckles. Their skin tans slightly, often reddens, and is extremely susceptible to burns. In brief, this is a type of people who can tolerate slightly more ultraviolet than the first type can, but are very similar to them. If the skin is not prepared for tanning beforehand, they redden severely and burn during the first days they spend in the sun. Their skin may peel subsequently. A noticeable tan does not appear right away, but only after a minimum of four days.

Type 3

Dark-eyed, chestnut or dark blond hair, but with light-colored skin. Mainly these are people from Central Europe and Russia. They have an average level of melanin, and their skin reacts to the sun with modest reddening which later turns into a tan. People of this type tan well, but their skin is subject to light burning. This type of people can spend twenty to thirty minutes in the sun’s rays without consequences. Otherwise sunburn is possible on skin that has not been prepared for it. Tanning also appears after a minimum of four days.

Type 4

Dark-complexioned skin and dark brown eyes - this is the portrait of representatives of this type. As a rule, these people are people from the East or are representatives of the so-called “Mediterranean race.” They can tan for up to forty minutes or even longer. When the skin is appropriately prepared for sunbathing, they can increase the time they spend in open sunlight. At the same time, these lucky ones tan beautifully and evenly and almost do not burn.

Type 5

People of this type have dark hair, brown eyes, and very dark-complexioned skin. As a rule, they are people from India, or are Native Americans or are people from North Africa. They tan easily and turn intensely dark - they can become chocolate-colored in three days and they never burn. The thing is that their skin already contains a certain amount of pigment. But, living in a hot and very hot climate, such people must be on their guard to protect their cutaneous covering, and during their first two days in the sun they need to use sun protection products having a minimum SPF factor.

Type 6

This type consists of Africans, African Americans, and Australian aborigines - people with black skin which is absolutely unsusceptible to sunburns. People of the sixth type can do without any protection at all. It is only recommended that creams and lotions that moisturize the skin be applied.

Nature Tan is ideally suited for use by all people of the first four skin types, and is simply essential to people of the first three types. And don’t forget that Nature Tan has not only a protective, but also an aesthetic function - it is splendidly suited to all who want to have not only a healthy tan, but a beautiful, even, and long-lasting tan that won’t fade for a long time.