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A can of energy drink is a popular way to get additional pep when there is just no time for sleeping. Unfortunately, the price of 3 or 4 hours of additional vigor is sometimes too high: we often pay with our health for using energy drinks.

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Unkind Cheerfulness

Energy drinks are in demand. It is so because vigor and energy are the resources which are always in short supply for everyone. Main consumers of synthetic energy drinks are young people. At their age they do not care enough about their health yet. They do not yet realize that in the pursuit of the 25th hour in a day they squander their most valuable asset, their health for the benefit of greedy and crafty energy drink marketeers. In addition, energy drinks among the youth are a part of the special, active, "in" lifestyle.

Sleeping for 8 or 10 hours a day is boring and unfashionable while grooving in the club the whole night through with the energy drink fortification and in the morning going lightly to work or school is just the ticket. 
Mature people turn to energy drinks in hectic rush at work and in other "force majeure" situations when no time is left for a normal sleep and one is just overwhelmed with too much to do: a night trip, an annual report to be submitted tomorrow, flights from one place to another, business trips and other extreme happenings at work and in life in general. 
Synthetic energy drinks are there to help but such help is not disinterested by far. Research by doctors and scientists shows that energy drinks have a large number of side effects, since they:


- exhaust the organism resources


Main invigorating components of such drinks are the synthetic caffeine, theobromine and theophylline having the effect like that of caffeine. Carbon dioxide making the drinks fizz just augments the effect of other components. 
Synthetic stimulants accelerate the adrenalin generation that makes the heart beat faster and the blood to circulate more actively. Blood supply to the brain is increased and a person feels more vigorous. But since the additional strength does not come from without but is taken from the internal resources, such pep causes the physical and nervous exhaustion, insomnia and apathy.


- attack "target organs"


The careless consumption of synthetic energy drinks first of all strikes a blow to the cardiovascular system that can react to the artifical energy with tachycardia and blood pressure fluctuations. But most hazardous for the heart, for liver and other organs are carbonated energy drinks containing alcohol. 
Energy drinks also damage the stomach: as any carbonated drink they contain carbon dioxide that increases the gastric juice production and acidity thus providing a harmful impact to the gastrointestinal tract. 
The pleasant taste, color and aroma are provided by flavorings, coloring agents and aromatizers – and all of them mean a serious blow to your liver. 
The terrible truth is that most of us do not consider such drinks alcoholic. But this is a real "trap" set to catch consumers, especially young people! An alcoholic energy drink with the taste of spirits masked by additives is seen as just an invigorating "soda". The result is health problems, personality degradation, addiction to alcohol. 
Do you know how are such alcoholic energy drinks dubbed in the American youth slang? "Coke in a can!" The boosting effect of the energy drink gives a false idea of how much the person has drunk and to what degree the organism has been poisoned by alcohol. 
The hangover fatigue is a natural protective reaction by the organism to alcohol. The energy drink switches that protection off. And, irrespective of how agile the person feels, the alcohol content in blood can reach top values.
Mixing the relaxing alcohol with a boosting synthetic energy drink is about the same as pushing both gas and brakes in a car at the same time! 
Consumers of alcoholic energy drinks run much higher risk of having an accident or becoming a sexual violence victim.


- are addictive


Many consumers of such drinks become their hostages by literally "getting hooked" on synthetic energy drinks. Without the usual "dope" people start feeling listless, become irritable. 
Still, it has been proven that the synthetic energy drink consumption leads to the mental potential and immunity weakening as well as to insomnia, persistent anxiety, in addition, according to American researchers, they can induce the alcohol dependence (even if we take "harmless" non-alcoholic energy drinks.)

The Sun that Is Always with You

We all know that there are situations in life from time to time when the organism really needs some additional charge. It is important for the "vitality elixir" contents to be natural, balanced and beneficial for the organism – such as the contents of iFly phytotonics developed by specialists of Vision DEM4 Laboratory.


Phytotonics are the new, nature-based category of energy products by Vision and a healthy alternative to synthetic energy drinks.

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iFly 4   

Phytotonics are the innovative approach to boosting the organism energy. The product category name comes from two words: phyto – "plant" and tonic – "invigorating, providing strength."


Natural iFly phytotonics mean the healthy energy of nature, they are your wings for every day.

Set of iFly phytotonics


1. Energy generation
Unlike synthetic energy drinks, phytotonics by Vision do not exhaust the organism energy resources. Thanks to the unique patented formula plant components of iFly phytotonics help the organism in synthesizing energy just like green plant leaves synthesize energy under the rays of the Sun. So, even after the "energy sun" ceases shining, you will not feel any depression, overstrain or anxiety.

The ability to revitalize the organism latent energy without exhausting its resources is attained thanks to the plants contained in the iFly phytotonic formula: they are Golden root, Ginseng, Ginkgo biloba, Mate, Guarana whose unique properties have been used for ages by many peoples in order to obtain that additional healthy energy. 

2. Natural composition
Phytotonics are made without synthetic stimulants, aromatizers, coloring agents and flavorings. The set of iFlyphytotonics consists of five natural drinks based on herbs with each of them, in addition to its invigorating effect, also capable of the antimicrobial action and of helping in enhancing the overall immunity.

Fructose contained in iFly phytotonics is the natural fruit sugar, an effective source of energy very beneficial for sports people and for those doing heavy manual labor.


Also included in phytotonics is vitamin C that is necessary for synthesising carnitine (the organism needs it to transmit energy.)

    iFly 5

3. Gentle action
Unlike synthetic energy drinks, iFly phytotonics never provide too much energy that leads to anxiety and overexcitement. 
They have the balanced caffeine content and, thanks to their special formula, act gently and carefully giving just such a surge of vigor and strength as a good complete rest can provide. 
The set of five individual packs of iFly natural phytotonics means the energy reserve for every occasion and vitality for each working day in a week. 

4. Chemical waste and toxin removal
Neglecting normal rest is often accompanied by the improper nutrition and bad habits. But phytotonics not only provide the organism with additional energy but also help in eliminating unpleasant consequences assisting in the evacuation of chemical waste and toxins.

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It is important to realize that stimulating the organism strength in any way, even with natural gently-acting iFly phytotonics, means additional strain for the "target organs". So any boosting drink requires an antidote just as a fast biker needs the crash helmet. The ideal complement to the phytotonics can be D4Х My UnitDose® "smart" food, the protective product. D4Х My UnitDose® is the rapid and healthy way to compensate the additional strain due to the phytotonic consumption and also to get a luxurious range of the micronutrients the organism needs.

One of the indications concerning the product content naturalness is the sediment, the natural separation result as with the freshly-made juice. The phytotonic should be shaken well before use.


Be healthy, vigorous and full of energy every day with iFly phytotonics and D4Х My UnitDose® "smart food"!