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Indispensable Killers


Yes, really, where would we be without them? Power lines, cables, transformers, generators, house power supply, household appliances and office equipment, computers, radio- and mobile phones, radars, TV towers, railroads – it is hard to imagine our lives today without all that. However, it always cuts at least both ways, so it is necessary to realize that the technical progress has its negative side, especially when some process is environmentally unfriendly and hazardous to health. For instance, the creature comforts listed above are the sources of nonionizing radiation that includes microwave, electromagnetic, light and radiofrequency emissions. 

stat dign nubi1Various studies assert that such radiation is capable of causing, among other things, fatigue, headaches, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, brain tumors, cancer problems (especially, leukemia in children.) 

Radiation destroys chemical and electrical cellular interconnections. The former leads to the uncontrolled growth of semi-destroyed cells and those with "wounded" DNA (later turning malignant), while the latter causes faults in the operation of the main computer – the central nervous system, whose work on managing the organism is about coordinating all and everything with he weakest electric impulses. So, emissions of, say, a mobile phone, interfere with the brain operation distorting those intercellular micro-impulses beyond recognition. 

Imagine that you cease to sense the moment when you need to visit a restroom and the process becomes uncontrollable due to the distortion of the "command from above". Not very comfortable, is it? But the organism cannot afford such a disorder inside. Therefore, it strains and copes with tiny daily troubles, but for that, we have to pay later in a major way and fully. 

stat dign nubi2Without minimizing the radiation effects, they will quite logically lead to cancer, mutations in the organism, infertility, central nervous system disorders, immune system diseases and a lot of other troubles whose real cause you will never guess at. So, naturally, each one of us needs a sufficient compensation for the constant radiation effects on the organism. 

Chlorella and prickly pear are known to provide the effective antiradiation support to the organism. They are the components of the unique newest product D i Guard nano by Vision International People Group. 

Overall, the Vision product range also includes other items directly affecting the body defenses and actively liquidating the terrible consequences of radiation. Those are Antiox+, Detox+, Sveltform+, Beesk, Granatin Q10, Mega, Safe-to-see, Cupers Neo, Nature Tan, Brain-o-Flex. 

And D i Guard nano crowning that constellation is guaranteed to get a deserved place among new Vision products, providing, in the combined usage with other preparations, the effective protection against deadly radiation effects and once again testifying to the inexhaustibility and supremacy of the Nature potential.