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A special place among "man-made" radiation exposure sources is taken by building materials, garbage dumps, TV-sets, burning fuels, medical procedures and equipment, smoke detectors and items with dials, hands and figures glowing in the dark. All of them in their total exacerbate the radiation troubles causing the irrepairable damage to the environment and human health. Many a little makes life shorter. 

stat dign suicid1Mining and enriching works, mines, quarries, ore pits produce hundreds of millions of tons of by-products – enrichment waste, slag, associated rock. It is unprofitable to enrich them any further and impossible to dispose of. As a result, dozens of thousands of hectares of the land surface have been "murdered" for ever and they continue to slowly murder everything living around them. Only in the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly in Russia 4 tons of uranium and 35 tons of thorium annually get in the regional water system. 

Strange as it may sound, but in the normal operating conditions the radioactive discharge from coal-fired power stations is by 5 to 10 times higher than that of nuclear power stations. Some radioactive elements remain in slug and ash, and the rest pollutes the atmosphere with the smoke. 

Medicine has made such tremendous strides forward that it left even our health far behind. Hazards to health start at the level of diagnostics with a lot of equipment for fluorography, X-raying, tomography, etc. The annual aggregate radiation dose acquired by the population in those procedures equals the today's impact of Chernobyl for 50 years! 

Almost all building materials or raw materials for them emit various level of radiation: wood, and, gravel, cement, granite, argil, ash, phosphogypsum, brick, calcium-silicate slug, mining waste, asphalt. 

So, the risk of additional exposure is especially great for workers at all production stages in those industries, medical personnel, pilots and stewardesses daily flying at substantial heights. 

stat dign suicid2Do not have any illusions about your own invulnerability. Without minimizing the radiation effects, they will inevitably lead to the acute radiation sickness, cancer, mutations in the organism, infertility, central nervous system disorders, immune system diseases and a lot of other troubles whose real cause you will never guess at. 

In the list of Vision products special attention should be paid to bioactive food supplements directly affecting the body defenses and actively liquidating the terrible consequences of radiation. Those are Antiox+, Detox+, Sveltform+, Beesk, Granatin Q10, Mega, Safe-to-see, Cupers Neo, Nature Tan, Brain-o-Flex. Their action on the organism is multi-purpose, still in this case, their detox, immunomodulatory and antioxidant effects come first. 

But the unique specialist product, D i Guard nano, has already been developed. Its properties have been determined by researching and using unsurpassed effects of chlorella and prickly pear powerfully preventing radiation impacts on the organism.


Its action includes:

  • Protecting against radiation effects
  • Removing toxins and heavy metals from the organism
  • Strengthening the immune system and the entire organism health
  • Fighting infections (it resists many bacterial infections, for instance, the colibacillus)
  • Encouraging digestive processes
  • Enhancing the liver and gall bladder functions
  • Active regenerative effect.

D i Guard nano is guaranteed to get a deserved place among new Vision products, providing, in the combined usage with other preparations, the effective protection against deadly radiation effects and once again testifying to the inexhaustibility and supremacy of the Nature potential.