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Radiation Effects Are Irreversible


Do you live far away from Chernobyl and believe that radiation will never affect you? Unfortunately, this is not quite correct. Radiation effects are present everywhere. The main thing is to know how the exposure acts and what can be done for protection against those pervasive "X-rays". 

You have a family, a good job and a summer country house with a small plot of land. Caring about your health, you spend every summer at your dacha where the air is cleaner and the vegetables and fruits come from your own patch. Seemingly, what does radiation have to do with you and how can it affect you? As it turns out, in a lot of ways…


Who Would Have Thought It… 
stat dign ludix1There is such element in Mendeleyev's periodic table - radon. It emerges with the decay of another element, radium, that is contained in the soil all over the globe. Radon is radioactive. It escapes the soil as a gas that we inhale, it permeates the water that we drink, it is contained in the grass eaten by cows that are in turn eaten by us. We are exposed without even suspecting it. 
And then, there is a small weed in nature existing in the swamp water - chlorella. It is small but very powerful and useful. The material the chlorella cell walls are made of is the main agent removing environmental toxins, such as heavy metals and pesticides, from the organism. 
In addition, chlorella contains a lot of beta-carotene that effectively fights cancerous cells, preventing their development, and also foils genetic mutations caused by the radioactive exposure. 

Who Would Have Expected It… 
Each person as a result of exposure to natural radiation sources (such as the Sun, soil, buildings, food, water and air) gets the annual dose equal to two or three millisieverts (mSv/y). 
According to norms, the effective dose for humans in their lifetime (taken as 70 years) should not exceed 70 mSv/y. 
Normally, that should be like this in the real life, but… The recent disaster at the Japanese nuclear power station forced corrections to the values quoted. And that correction is not in our favor. The radioactive gas and dust cloud has swept all over the world, settled in the soil, permeated the water, is falling down as precipitation. 
We do not notice that impact and possibly will never notice it living for the seventy years "allocated" to us. But what about our descendants? 
According to the multiple research, the most dangerous is the "accumulated" exposure to small doses of radiation for a long period of time. And most vulnerable to this are our children, not yet born… 

The End Like This… 
stat dign ludix2Suffice it to look at the generation born 20 yeas after the Chernobyl disaster. Genetic mutations affect practically all vital human organs. Such children are doomed to the insular, inadequate life. We do not want such a fate for our descendants at all… 

People against mutants 
So, what can be done to safeguard the lives of the babies yet unborn? We can hardly avoid eating, drinking and breathing. What is left is to try and avoid hazardous environmental impacts at all costs. 
It is high time to remember that dacha plot of yours. It is where that small "lifesaver" named chlorella can help in neutralizing the effects of the natural radiation getting into the lovingly grown squash or carrot. 
Vision has developed the product for fighting radiation effects unique in its properties – D i Guard nano. Its main components are chlorella and prickly pear. 
By taking D i Guard nano bioactive food supplement, you will render a priceless service to your health in its daily struggle against hazardous environmental factors or, as the saying goes now, against new dangerous "challenges" of our times.