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The humanity has "pawned" itself to that outfit forever, if you remember the half-life of those substances. They form the basis for nuclear power stations' operations, for weapons and for the nuclear waste resulting. The practice shows that no single development in mastering the atom is fully controllable, predictable and safe. 

stat dign uran1Waste is formed at all stages of producing and using radioactive elements. In mining and enriching millions of tons are processed of the radioactive rock not to be disposed of. In producing the nuclear fuel liquid and gaseous incidental waste occurs. In recycling (regenerating) the nuclear materials waste is just dumped into the sea. Safety for any method of burying such waste is only estimated and quite problematic. This is also true for storing the same uranium and plutonium hat have been already obtained in such amounts that every living thing on the planet can be destroyed hundreds of times. 

The military never lacks behind. The number of accidents in air forces, navies, missile forces when the nuclear weapons become damaged can be counted by dozens; there have been hundreds of nuclear tests that resulted in several tons of pure plutonium being dispersed in the environment. 

Man-made disasters at nuclear power stations and nuclear-related enterprises of the Mayak type in the Chelyabinsk region, in many other countries are also recorded by dozens and their consequences have changed the global environment forever. And while after Chernobyl a recent small accident at the Zaporozhskaya nuclear power station does not surprise anyone any longer, the Fukushima disaster proves the dangerous and unavoidable trend out of control of even the countries that are most advanced in the terms of technology. 

Everything that has already happened made radiation a pervasive component in the cycle of substances and even in the human food chain. What can a rank-and-file life-long hostage of that "pawnshop" do, when he/she can no longer have any influence concerning the problem origin? The only thing is to take into your own hands the care of your own health and longevity, those of your children and grandchildren. This is the choice in the no-choice situation. Without minimizing the radiation effects, they will inevitably lead to the acute radiation sickness, cancer, mutations in the organism, infertility, central nervous system disorders, immune system diseases and a lot of other troubles whose real cause you will never guess at. 

In the list of Vision products special attention should be paid to bioactive food supplements directly affecting the body defenses and actively liquidating the terrible consequences of radiation. Those are Antiox+, Detox+, Sveltform+, Beesk, Granatin Q10, Mega, Safe-to-see, Cupers Neo, Nature Tan, Brain-o-Flex. Their action on the organism is multi-purpose, still in this case, their detox, immunomodulatory and antioxidant effects come first. 

But the unique specialist product, D i Guard nano, has already been developed. Its properties have been determined by researching and using unsurpassed effects of chlorella and prickly pear powerfully preventing radiation impacts on the organism.


stat dign uran2Its action includes:

  • Protecting against radiation effects
  • Removing toxins and heavy metals from the organism
  • Strengthening the immune system and the entire organism health
  • Fighting infections (it resists many bacterial infections, for instance, the colibacillus)
  • Encouraging digestive processes
  • Enhancing the liver and gall bladder functions
  • Active regenerative effect.


D i Guard nano is guaranteed to get a deserved place among new Vision products, providing, in the combined usage with other preparations, the effective protection against deadly radiation effects and once again testifying to the inexhaustibility and supremacy of the Nature potential.