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Let us talk about radiation that cannot be avoided but against which it is still possible to protect yourself, if there is a will. It is delivered to us from the Cosmos, from the Sun, by minerals in the ground, by radon gas and by humans accumulating in themselves potassium-40 and rubidium-87 from food, air and water. 

More and more cases are recorded of dacha or country house owners coming to hospitals with complaints about weakness or indisposition the cause of which is proved to be radon. 

stat radon2According to WHO, «radon is a chemically inert natural radioactive gas without any smell, color or taste. It is formed in the process of the natural radioactive decay of uranium found in rocks and soil. It easily escapes the soil into the air where it disintegrates into short-lived products called radon daughter products. In decaying, those radon products emit radioactive alpha particles that are attached to sprays, dust particles, other particles contained in the air. With breathing the radon products settle in the cells lining respiratory tracks where alpha particles can damage DNA and potentially cause the lung cancer development.» 

Radon is found in water as well, so the water obtained from underground sources is saturated with radon more than that available from surface reservoirs. 

According to WHO, the effects of radon and smoking as the causes of the lung cancer share in different countries the first and second places between them. So, participation of radon in that process causes 3% to 14% of the disease instances. 

The lung cancer provoked by radon develops with a low concentration of the gas, since most people acquire their disorders not from the amounts but from the duration of breathing radon within their own walls. Such «cohabitation» increases the lung cancer risk quite seriously, as confirmed by research conducted on various continents. The ways of the gas getting into houses are through the pores in building materials, cracks, drainage and sewer systems. The radon concentration is, as a rule, higher in basements and on lower floors (closer to the ground.) 

stat radon1However, we have nowhere to run to from this planet; we cannot stop eating the irradiated food, we have to get doses of radiation while flying. Moreover, without a radical solution for the radiation protection issue all other efforts to maintain health become senseless. Otherwise, we are doomed to the acute radiation sickness, cancer, mutations in the organism, infertility, central nervous system disorders, immune system diseases and other troubles. 

In the list of Vision products special attention should be paid to bioactive food supplements directly affecting the body defenses and actively liquidating the terrible consequences of radiation. Those are Antiox+, Detox+, Sveltform+, Beesk, Granatin Q10, Mega, Safe-to-see, Cupers Neo, Nature Tan, Brain-o-Flex. Their action on the organism is multi-purpose, still in this case, their detox, immunomodulatory and antioxidant effects come first. 

But the unique specialist product, D i Guard nano, has already been developed.

Its action includes:

  • Protecting against radiation effects
  • Removing toxins and heavy metals from the organism
  • Strengthening the immune system and the entire organism health
  • Fighting infections (it resists many bacterial infections, for instance, the colibacillus)
  • Encouraging digestive processes
  • Enhancing the liver and gall bladder functions
  • Active regenerative effect.


D i Guard nano is guaranteed to get a deserved place among new Vision products, providing the effective protection against deadly radiation effects.