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Our organism is a self-regulating system. It removes all harmful or useless metabolism products. But an improper way of life and unfavorable environmental impacts "break down" those filters and then harmful substances begin destroying our precious health. 

Polluted air and water, food larded with chemicals – all this leads to toxic substances accumulating in our organism like in a garbage dump. The picture is made complete by bad habits such as smoking and excessive drinking.

stat dign pohmelDespite repeated Health Ministry warnings, parties and feasts without strong alcoholic drinks are rare. There is a view that in itself proper quality drink taken in moderation never harms the organism. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to always control the quantity, let alone quality. According to statistics, up to 40% of the alcoholic drinks sold in Russia are counterfeit. And this is true not only for cheap but expensive drinks as well. 

Hangover, a topic for many jokes, is actually very dangerous for the organism. Why does "good and merry time" turn into something "unbearable"? First, alcohol irritates the stomach mucous coat and disturbs its functions. Second, it is conducive to the cell dehydration, and as a result the alcohol decay products circulate in the organism for a long time causing headaches and a lot of other unpleasant symptoms: weakness, palpitation, hand tremors and stomach upsets. Alcohol also attacks the nervous system and there its effect is truly shocking. 

In addition to the post-intoxication syndrome (hangover) described above, there is one more, even more severe - abstinence syndrome, similar to withdrawal pains of the drug addiction. Besides the general unwell feeling, that syndrome causes sleepiness, lack of appetite and normal sleep, depression, heart upsets and even hallucinations. 

It is quite dangerous trying to "endure" hangover or fighting it with folk remedies. It is a serious intoxication of the organism and a serious defense is required to eliminate its consequences. 

The new D i Guard nano bioactive food supplement, in addition to its main function – radiation protection, also helps in overcoming hangover by removing harmful substances from the organism and by protecting liver and gallbladder. The food supplement contains the wonderful natural product – the prickly pear extract, that neutralizes three main manifestations of hangover – nausea, dry mouth and loss of appetite. The substances in prickly pear also help in overcoming stress and have the general health-improving effect. In addition, prickly pear eliminates morning edemas, since it helps the organism to return liquids from tissues to lymphatic and blood vessels. 

D i Guard nano helps to neutralize the damage caused by unfavorable environmental factors and to alleviate consequences of drinking. 

D i Guard nano is the effective and timely help for the organism.