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Green Protection


All of us are to some extant vulnerable to the effects of electromagnetic waves and increased background radiation. Those enemies act invisibly and undermine our health eating the organism from within. Doctors and researchers the world over are concerned with fighting them. 

Despite the modern science progress we constantly go back to nature for solutions of most difficult problems. Green rescuers – chlorella and prickly pear, modest plants of no distinction at first sight, will help in fighting the global radiation problem.


Chlorella – Protecting and Strengthening


stat dign hlor1That tiny weed, less than a human hair in diameter, can be seen with a microscope only but in fact chlorella is a veritable treasure of valuable substances. The fame found the "little one" in the middle of the last century – they started using chlorella in water purification and air regeneration systems in spaceships and submarines. The infinitesimal chlorella proved to be rich in vitamins, minerals and aminoacids.

That weed contains a lot of chlorophyll that helps in treating anemia, favorably affects digestion, sustains the cardiovascular system and prevents neoplasm formation.

The walls of that microweed consist of a special substance that assists in eliminating toxins from the organism, including heavy metals and pesticides. Its other, equally beneficial, components protect our health against disastrous effects of radioactive and electromagnetic emissions. Beta-carotene is used in preventing cancer while a combination of substances including nucleic acids and aminoacids, peptides and vitamins – the so-called chlorella growth factor, deals with antimutational processes and tissue regeneration in the organism.

In addition to that, chlorella strengthens the immune system, helps in fighting infections and pancreas inflammations.

Prickly Pear: Cleansing with Bactericidal Effect


stat dign hlor2Prickly pear is one of the most famous and honored medicinal plants in Mexico: its image is even an element of that country flag and coat of arms. Prickly pear effectively protects the organism against negative environmental factors, radiation among them. The plant has a pronounced bactericidal and antiseptic effect, helps in eliminating toxins and heavy metals from the organism, in overcoming hangovers.

Prickly pear is used in treating diarrhea, throat disorders, intestine and urogenital system inflammations. It is a fine dietician and fitness coach: it is used for fighting excessive weight and getting rid of cellulite.

Chlorella and prickly pear, the two green healers, are active components of the new D i Guard nano bioactive food supplement recently developed by Vision DEM4 Laboratory specialists for protection against radiation, for cleansing and strengthening your organism.


D i Guard nano is your personal protection!