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People of the entire world, living in the same "global village" are at risk of becoming radioactive "sworn brothers and sisters". Until recently the Slavs and the Japanese had probably only one sad comparison in common: the total radioactive discharge of Chernobyl equaled 500 bombs dropped on Hiroshima. Now, however unfortunately, we have "become related" seriously and forever. 

The atom knows no state borders and makes no distinctions as for nationalities. stat rad2
The atmosphere and oceans, just like the human blood-vascular system, instantly spread radioactive pollution all over the world. But while the perennial problem for the 1/6 of the global land mass has always been expressed in fools and roads, the recent events convincingly show that no technological advances, no abundance of latest equipment, no multi-level controls and no multi-stage monitoring can help in avoiding increasingly frequent natural calamities aggravated by man-made disasters. 

In the era of the power engineering explosive development people have imagined themselves to be the "higher reason". If a two-year-old child, instead of play blocks, breaks a computer, the loss will be minor on the planetary scale. But the humans in general, having mastered the basics of the nuclear energy, got a toy clearly "too adult" for them and have already committed errors that could cost the civilization a lot. Forgetting about alternative, natural energy sources, people have "took to the atomic needle" providing just 10% of the energy consumed but it is already quite expensive to abandon it. On the other hand, constant blasts from that powder keg cost the humanity much more, since half-life of various radioactive elements is from fractions of a second up to 14 billion years! In other words, any accident at a nuclear power station creates the forever problem. 

The fact that the mass media recall the Chernobyl disaster just once a year – on the next tragic "anniversary", does not mean at all that the consequences of that catastrophe are no longer with us. For all those 25 years Chernobyl has gone on "huffing and puffing." Fukushima starts "behaving" the same way and nobody knows when and how all this will end. The Japanese tragedy will hardly be the last one. The scope of that tragedy is yet to be realized and truly assessed, but already now it is evident for any reasonable person that its impact on the environment will at least equal that of Chernobyl. Again and again we have the opportunity to see how fragile and vulnerable the human being is – just like the world we live in.


It is true for our everyday life as well. Unwillingly and unwittingly we literally "swim" each and every day in hard electromagnetic rays: household appliances, computers, cell phones, electric wires, power lines – all those have a disastrous impact on the organism and together with the increased background radiation create the environment extremely unfavorable for humans. Radiation is known to be of natural origins (natural background radiation) and of the man-made ones – the result of human activities.


The natural background radiation comes from the space, the Sun, from radon gas emitted by soil with the metal radium decay as well as from people themselves who accumulate with food, air and water potassium-40 and rubidium-87 that are impossible to get rid of. The emission intensity increases manifold on mountain peaks and during air travel. 

The man-made radiation sources are nuclear power stations, nuclear waste, weapons, building materials, garbage dumps, TV-sets, burning fuels, medical procedures and equipment. For instance, a single tomography procedure means the annual dose of the natural background radiation acquired instantly. 

The effects of the radiation exposure on humans are terrible:

  • acute radiation sickness;
  • cancerous tumors;
  • possible mutations in the human organism;
  • infertility;
  • central nervous system diseases;
  • immune disorders.


And the list is not exhaustive by far. Radiation is fearsome because it eats the organism from within, as a rule the patient never suspects that the irreversible process in the organism is already active. It is especially true for females. The ovum "fund" is formed in girls once and for the whole life and any negative impact on an immature ovum can be irreparable.


stat rad1The radiation problem concerns everyone. Do you spend a lot of time indoors believing that radiation will never get to you? Then you should be aware that building walls made with concrete or brick, monolithic structures are themselves an additional source of radiation. The radiation exposure hazard pursues people not only in cities but in the country as well, for instance, in your own garden patch. Cases are increasingly registered when vacationers or country home owners complain to their doctors of weakness and indisposition the cause for which (as determined with measuring the background radiation) happens to be radon. These days radiation has become omnipresent, pervasive and, in a sense, infinite. 

Vision, naturally, cannot ignore such a serious problem. Furthermore, without a radical solution to the radiation protection issue all other efforts on sustaining health become futile. And, since there are processes that we can in no way affect, we offer solutions minimizing the negative impact on the organism of the external factors disastrous for health. 

Speaking about the comprehensive notion of the health quality, absolutely all Vision products participate in building good health and in sustaining human vital forces. But in view of the radiation situation prevailing now in the world special attention should be paid to several Vision bioactive food supplements directly boosting the organism defense forces with account for the background radiation increase and actively eliminating hazardous effects of the abnormal exposure. Those are familiar Antiox+, Detox+, Sveltform+, Beesk, Mega,Safe-to-See, Cupers Neo, Nature Tan and one of this year bestsellers – Granatin Q10, that have proven their effectiveness. Of course, their action varies but when taken together, in this range, their detox, immunomodulatory and antioxidant effect comes to the forefront. 

With its powerful research and technical base Vision could not keep out of the process for creating effective protection means against constantly growing radiation hazard. In the very near future the complex mentioned above will be augmented with and headed by the unique "specialist product" for protection against various kinds of radioactive pollution.