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Years of life give us wisdom and experience but, alas, as we gain these, health and vitality are the price to pay. A bent back, drooping shoulders, painful walking, constricted movements—this is how theatre and movie actors depict old people. Although nobody—regardless of their age—would want to exemplify this. But in order to avoid this one should take good care of their joints. 

According to sad medical statistics, every second person after forty has one or another joint-related pathology. And among people over seventy only one in ten can boast of having no problem with joints. Whereas each problem of this sort is accompanied with torturous, exhausting pain that makes even simplest movements a veritable feat. 

Matter of Time

stat vozrast 1However, pain itself is not an enemy but is rather a friend alerting us to something being wrong with the body. There are 187 joints in the human body, and each can become a target for disease. How does this happen? 

Joint surfaces are covered with cartilage and are enclosed in a sturdy joint capsule. A healthy young person’s cartilage is strong and resilient and the joint capsule produces sufficient amounts of synovial fluid to ease the surface friction and prevent the joints’ "wear and tear", just like motor oil in a car reduces the friction of its mechanical parts. 

With age, every mechanism, even such a perfect one as the human body, gradually starts malfunctioning. The tissue elasticity, including that of ligaments and joint cartilages, gets weaker little by little, the amount of synovial fluid is reduced and all movements become constricted and painful. The fairy-tale Tin Woodsman comes to mind right away, clanking and grinding when moving after having been exposed to rain. But that fairy-tale character just needed to reach his cherished oil can, while for people everything is much more complicated. Joint-relaated tissues get swollen, joint inflammation sets in, and everyday routines, such as going to work, cleaning the apartment and even walking up the stairs, turn into torment. 

All joint diseases can be divided into two groups. There are age-independent autoimmune diseases (arthritis) striking even the youngest and most active people, and degenerative dystrophic diseases (arthrosis). Those are the ones that commonly target older people. Disease causes include excessive loads and strains or joint injuries. Both are especially dangerous when joints, changing with age, are not too healthy and thus particularly vulnerable. 

The risk of those distressful diseases is increased by endocrine disorders, metabolism disruptions and excessive weight to which mature people are so often inclined to. 

Arthrosis affects large and small joints and spine, destroys already weakened cartilage tissue, damages the joint inner surface. In an attempt to restore the joint that is being destroyed, the body "grows" acanthoid bone formations on its surface. The joint gets deformed and soon after that even a smallest strain may put it out of order for a long time.


Wrong Cure 

stat vozrast 2Trying to avoid pain, the person afflicted limits his or her movements by using elevators to get even to the first floor, taking a bus to get to a shop or post office just one bus-stop away, while spending time at home mostly on a sofa. But this way of dealing with the problem brings a completely opposite effect. A sedentary life negatively affects general health, increases the risk of obesity, disrupts blood circulation, including that in the brain, causing headaches, memory loss and, in particularly severe cases, senile dementia. 

The truth is that one should regularly exercise his or her joints but do it carefully and gently: exercises should be done while lying or sitting, and one should always "listen" to pain signals. 

On the contrary, massage—so favoured by many—is almost always not the right thing for for acute arthrosis: it irritates joint structures, can lead to inflammations and even increase the risk of developing arthritis. 

The so popular ‘dietary fast’ is also hazardous: the deficit of nutrients negatively affects the health of cartilage that needs a specific ration. Having said this, weight control and balanced nutrition are beneficial and even necessary, since any excessive weight increases the risk of a knee joint arthrosis. 
And, of course, it is undoubtedly worth trying to make ones joints healthier as much as possible without surgery that mecical centres eagerly promote, offering to replace natural joints with artificial ones. Any surgical procedure is a shock for the body, and in some cases surgery does not improve the situation but rather worsens it, dooming one to crutches and wheelchair.


Game with No Pain 
stat vozrast 3The way to make joints healthier is simple: timely consultation with a specialist, healthy lifestyle, moderate physical activities (swimming is indeed the best), proper nutrition and taking biologically active food supplements. This is why researchers of the Vision DEM4 laboratory developed a tandem of two products called EnjoyNT. It includes EnjoyNT Gel, a warming-up gel that helps to prepare joints for strains, and EnjoyNT Food Supplement, a product that supprts joints and general wellbeing of the body, provides antiinflammatory and antioxidant effects. 

EnjoyNT gel prevents joint diseases and soothes joints after physical strains. Older people can use it to deal with joint diseases, to ease pains and improve general condition of the joints. Unlike traditional pain-killers, EnjoyNT gel not only alleviates pain, but also provides longer-lasting aid to joints. 

Active ingredients of the gel are completely natural. The main component, devil's claw, is a true ‘doctor’. It reduces edemas, suppresses inflammations, alleviates joint pains and enhances joint mobility. Cayenne pepper has soft warming-up effect, improves circulation and has regenerating properties. Peanut oil, an important part of the "joint diet", provides the body with substances needed for tissue growth and restoration, and also has a positive antioxidant effect. 

The second member of the EnjoyNT tandem is a biologically active food supplement of the same name. While the gel warms up and soothes joints from without, the EnjoyNT supplement supports their health from within. It effectively fights all destruction of the connective tissues, helps in preserving their integrity as well as in regenerating cartilage and synovial fluid and in restoring joints back to their physiological norm. 

Each component of the product formula does its job well, but thanks to the unique formula, their co-operative effect is genuinely synergetic. 

Glucosamine promotes faster restoration of the damaged cartilage and prevents its destruction. 
Chondroitin plays the role of a building material in generating new healthy cartilage tissue. 
MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) has an antiinflammatory and antioxidant effect. It sustains positive results, thus ensuring the healthy condition of the joint cartilage tissue. 

And the real innovative know-how of the product is the unique bamboo extract that has never been used in such food supplements before. This slim green plant works as if to pass to the joints and bone tissues such of its properties as sturdiness, strength and resilience. The extract of this amazing plant enhances collagen generation in the bone and connective tissue, participates in cartilage regeneration. It also ensures active remineralization, prevents bone tissue deterioration and protects against ‘age’ fractures, the worst of which is the femoral neck fracture.


Challenge your age together with the EnjoyNT tandem! 
Youth and health of your joints is in your own hands.