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What a Fruit!


Vision International People Group has created an amazing cosmetic product to care for lips during the day. This new product not only will make your lips tender, sensual, plump and seductive but will also lift your mood. This is achieved through an aromatherapeutic effect of the essential orange oil - an outstanding natural “energy booster”.

We feel happier just by looking at these richly coloured citrus mini-suns, not to mention savoring their intensive taste and flavour. Europeans acquired their love for oranges and all citrus fruits in general only in the 15th century, but the Chinese and Indians were using the “sunny apple” for medical purposes since the very distant ancient times. By the way, in one version of the famous myth, golden apples from the Garden of Hesperides were actually not apples but red and yellow oranges, which Hercules brought over from Ancient China. 

A precious fruit

stat hk_frukt1In Europe this unusual fruit was originally treated as an exotic novelty to impress the rich and powerful of this world and were presented as valuable gifts to governors and noblemen. Peter the Great, Charles III and Luis XIV were among admirers of the citrus. 

And even now, despite its current popularity and availability, this brightly coloured fruit remains a real treasure. Orange is rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants, it protects the body from free radicals, strengthens the immune system and helps fighting colds. Orange juice and pulp are used in diet meals as well as in making hundreds of dishes, drinks and desserts. 

But it is not just the taste that made the orange famous but also its nice smell – you only need to cut slightly the peel and the recognizable aroma of positive energy will immediately embrace you. Essential orange oil has this delightful and enchanting smell. Scientists have discovered that a slightly bitter aroma of orange can work miracles - it makes one calmer, happier and more tolerant. An unusual experiment conducted in an knowingly unhappy place, a prison, showed that releasing an orange aroma reduced confrontations and decreased the number of people applying for psychological help. 

Perfumers and cosmetologists highly value this smell. Perfumes, creams and body care products containing the “sunny apple’s” notes always enjoy strong popularity. However, real essential oil is very expensive (there is just about 3% of it in the orange peel) and that it why a lot of companies replace natural oil with a synthetic substitute. It has a rough smell that has near none of those amazing properties possessed by the real natural oil that is a component of Vision’s new integrated lip care product - Healthy Kiss Day. 

Orange mood

stat hk_frukt2Essential orange oil will brighten up any day and deliver additional energy. It is famous for its antispasmodic and antioxidant effects. It stimulates the immune system, increases the body’s defences against infections and improves eye-sight. Orange oil can be used to care for any skin type: as a component of cosmetic products it stimulates local blood circulation, softens the skin and enhances its elasticity. 

A glass of fresh orange juice is a good start for a day, whereas essential orange oil in Healthy Kiss Day means great mood and vitality throughout the whole day. It fights depression and unreasonable anxiety, allows to withstand tension, lifts the mood, wakes up senses, and invigorates. 

With the new lip care product from Vision—Healthy Kiss Day—it is much easier and more pleasant to get that energy boost that you need. Essential orange oil in this product has an overall beneficial effect on the body, strengthening and stabilizing the nervous system. With Healthy Kiss Day your mood will always be ‘orange’!