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Care by Nature


Sophisticated vanilla, sweet orange, exquisite lavender… Thanks to the aromatherapeutic properties of their components Healthy Kiss comprehensive lip skin care system is a pleasure for your sense of smell, it warms up your heart and makes your body healthier.


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Aroma is an integral and very important quality of any cosmetics. When making our choice we go not only by the product properties but by its package, consistency, appearance and, of course, fragrance.

Inhale to Your Heart's Content


The better the product is, the more attention its manufacturers pay to its aroma. And while for cheap cosmetics strong aromatizers just suppress the unpleasant specific smell of the ingredients, expensive brands try to give the customer a treat with luxurious - juicy fruity or fresh herbal, fragrance that emphasizes the product natural origins. 

A special place in cosmetology is taken up by essential oils – they are not only a natural aromatizer but also a natural healer. It is the use of such oils that the aromatherapy method is based on. Aromatherapy uses the healing forces of the nature itself concentrated in drops of the precious oil. As the legend has it, French perfumer and chemist René-Maurice Gattefossé once severely burned his hand at work and, to alleviate the pain, applied lavender oil to it, after which the wound healed much faster than usual. The real story was somewhat different from the legend but the fact was beyond doubt – the chemist realized that the oils could be used not only for providing fragrance to perfumes and elixirs. 

Now volatile oils are used as restoratives, stimulants, antibacterial agents as well as for their emotional impact on the organism and for the nervous system revival. It is worth knowing that only real essential oils have those properties. Their synthetic counterpart (usually identified as the fragrance oil) is no good for aromatherapy.

Aroma on Your Lips


The Healthy Kiss comprehensive lip skin care system with hyaluronic spheres has been developed based on the latest developments in cosmeceutics and ancient aromatherapy knowledge. Molecules of volatile oils affect the brain limbic system favorably influencing your physical and emotional state. 

Healthy Kiss Day comprehensive lip skin care preparation contains the orange essential oil and the vanilla essential oil that help in enhancing your general well-being and attaining the inner harmony. 

Healthy Kiss Night includes the lavender essential oil that normalizes sleep and helps in relaxing. The lavender oil sustains the mental equilibrium, helps in fighting stresses.

Healthy Kiss is on everyone's lips!