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A tender smile or sceptically pursed pale lips? Your appearance and mood does depend on how properly you care for your precious lips.

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1. Regular moisturizing

The skin of your lips is very thin and sensitive, devoid of sweat and sebaceous glands and, so, of protective secretions, and lips suffer due to lack of moisture. It leads to dryness, scaling, painful cracks and later – to wrinkles. In order to avoid all that, you should regularly use moisturizing agents for lips applying them even under the decorative cosmetics. In addition, with skin dryness it is better to abandon so-called superstable lipsticks that only aggravate the problem.


2. Proper nutrition

Lack of elasticity and premature withering can be linked to the vitamin shortage – as a rule, it means lack of vitamins A, E and of B group that should be included in your diet both for sustaining the health of your lip skin and for the general strengthening of your organism. Prior to applying nutrients, some soft peeling and a slight lip massage will not be amiss – special preparations or just a sponge can be used for that.


3. Protection against external impacts

The lip skin contains no pigments, so it is devoid of any natural protection against the hazardous ultraviolet rays. Both the warm summer and the "cold" winter Sun is a sound reason to use protective agents. In addition, try to avoid a sharp change in temperature while eating – it harms not only your lip skin but also the enamel of your teeth.


4. Using only quality agents

Many cheap lip care cosmetics are based on glycerol and vaseline that provide only temporary moisturizing effect and do not guarantee that the lip skin will not get dehydrated. In addition, you should not use a lot of preparations with strong smells or with menthol and pepper for the volume increase – they can cause not just a pleasant swelling but unpleasant itching and burning sensation as well as irritation and even inflammations.


5. Systematic care

Almost everyone uses a night face cream but not many even suspect that the lip skin also needs care at night – it is at night, without any external irritants, that the tissue regenerating and healing processes are most effective. Healthy Kiss Day and Healthy Kiss Night comprehensive lip care system with hyaluronic spheres is the innovative product that favorably affects the lip skin 24 hours a day. Systematic care with Healthy Kiss means nutrition, moisturizing, regeneration, rejuvenating action and the visual enlargement effect without any pepper and menthol as well the antiseptic and antibacterial "help". Thanks to essential oils in their composition, Healthy Kiss lip "rescuers" also help alleviate emotional tension and sustain the mental equilibrium.

Healthy Kiss means health and beauty for your lips.