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One of the most popular and familiar fragrances is the aroma of vanilla which is always attractive and seasonable. But it is useful only when essential oil, one of the ingredients of a new product for lip care “Healthy Kiss Day”, is the source of it.


stat hk_orhi1Delicate and charming aroma of fresh baked bread, thin and warm aroma of hot chocolate, spicy and exciting odor of expensive perfume... That's all -vanilla, wonderful and many-sided like a precious stone, which you do not want to put away, enjoying the glare of sunlight and the play of colors on its sides. 

Aromatic pods with the magical scent are nothing else like a hip of curling vine of the fruit of the family of orchids. The famous spice that came to Europe more than five centuries ago is made from them.









Precious then gold 

A bronze-skinned tribal chief stretches a cup, exhaling a heavenly, magical fragrance with an unknown drink to a paleface stranger... The face of the traveler expresses real delight. It is a sailor Columbus who had never tasted anything like this drink; in the cup – chocolate with vanilla on the ancient Indian recipe. 

Vanilla has always been appreciated as a very expensive product: in some Indian tribes the tribute to the leaders was gathered in vanilla pods. In Europe, where the fragrant spice was transported by ship, the vanilla at that time was much more expensive than gold. Only rich and noble people could afford dishes with this particular scent or tobacco especially flavored with vanilla. 

And even now, natural vanilla (don’t confuse it with its synthetic analogue, vanillin) is appreciated a lot, because the Vanilla orchid is in bloom during a very short period – just for one day. In addition, it is pollinated naturally only about 5% of the orchids and the rest pollination has to be done by hand. Post-processing of pods requires great experience and long time. But in the case if the recommendations are full-filled right, the pods retain flavor for several decades. 

Crushed with sugar vanilla comes in delicate desserts and pastry baking, becomes an integral part of expensive chocolate, crispy peanut cookies and aeriform full cream ice, and vanilla extract is also added in tea and coffee, liqueurs and cocktails. 

Get aired

But the best and the most expensive (about 3.5 kg of fruit vanilla are used to produce 100 grams of essential oil) and the most fragrant vanilla option - is a natural essential oil of charming orchids. In the XVI century it gained the fame of an aphrodisiac, and that glory is not vanished nowadays. 

And if in baked goods and desserts vanilla’s scent is a fragrance of happiness and domestic comfort, then in perfumes and cosmetics, it is revealed to a temptation and promise. Chanel, Dior, Dolce&Gabbana and other brands made vanilla notes leading in their perfume masterpieces. A few drops of this elixir of sensuality - and the image of a woman-dream, a woman of passion is complete. As part of cosmetics vanilla enhances the softness and elasticity of the skin, making it more elastic. You want to inhale the scent of skin after these procedures without ceasing.

stat hk_orhi2In addition, the essential oil of vanilla has a remarkable effect on the body on the whole. It soothes and improves well-being, improves mood and increases work efficiency. Essential oil is a godsend for the sweet tooth: the smell prevents cravings for sweets, thus preserving the harmony of shapes. 

Put your favorite Healthy Kiss Day with essential oils of vanilla on the lips, and the whole day will be marked by good humor and high activity. Vanilla oil enhances your self-confidence, helps feel more at ease and it makes you more attractive without any doubt. 

Brightness, charm, energy - all of this 
Is new Healthy Kiss Day for the skin of lips.