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Delicate, thin, devoid of sebaceous glands and sweet glands, lip skin constantly needs nutrition. And natural vegetable oils, which are the part of a system of comprehensive lip skin daytime and night care “Healthy Kiss”.

Dryness and peeling of the lips, painful cracks which are unpleasant, spoil the mood and appearance. We are ready to use any means of "instant action" to combat them, but this often only worsen the situation. 

Oil not oily

There are dozens of nutrient lipsticks and balms which contain "oily" components that are absolutely contradictory to our lips. They have an oily texture, it is simple to use them, but they can easily make harm. 

Vaseline – a one of the proved "grandma" means- is not anything else but a product of oil refining. It forms an impermeable layer on the skin, which does not allow moisture to evaporate, but it does not allow it to penetrate from the outside. The result is the chaps and dryness. 

Mineral oil - is another derivative of "black gold". The result is the same as from the usage of petroleum jelly. Only manufacturers win from it: this oil is stored much longer than the products of plant origin. Do you still want to put petroleum on your lips? 

Glycerin - gives itself out to be a moisturizer, but by its very nature it is a tribasic alcohol. It moisturizes the skin in high atmospheric humidity but in normal conditions it "borrows" moisture from the deeper layers of skin, and doesn’t give it back. So the result is an overdried skin and chaps. 

Lanolin - is a natural product, no doubt. It is a natural grease of a sheep’s wool. But its application is fraught with serious allergic reactions.

It won’t be too pinguid

Vision International People Group cares about its customers, that is why the makeup complex for a comprehensive lip skin care “Healthy Kiss” consists of five oils of vegetable origin, each of which has its own characteristics and advantages. 

Sunflower seed oil – is one of the most famous and popular vegetable oils. Sun flower oil saturates, stimulates skin regeneration and slows the aging process down.

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Soybean oil contains ferulic acid and has a high sun-protection property. In addition, soybean oil strengthens the immune system and provides the skin with lots of useful vitamins, as well as moisturizes and nourishes it. 

Corn germ oil is rich in minerals and vitamins, including A and E vitamins of beauty, so it is widely used in cosmetics. It has healing properties, makes skin healthier. 

Carrot Oil - is an excellent beautician for aging skin. It gives elasticity to delicate skin, protecting it from wind and cold in winter, and from lack of vitamins all year round. It also fights with wrinkles, promotes healing of small cracks, reduces flaking. 

Butirospermum Parkii or Shea butter - is one of the most expensive oils in cosmetics. It protects, softens and moisturizes the skin, promotes collagen production. It is especially prescribed for thin and faded skin. Shea butter helps to prolong youth, smooths wrinkles and improves overall skin tone.

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Carefully chosen combination and balance of these natural oils provides the highest quality of lip skin care complex, not overloading it and without causing a greasy effect. 

A special tender structure of "Healthy Kiss" allows you to use these wonderful products both independently or as a base for makeup.


"Healthy Kiss" - tenderness and protection, presented by Nature.