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February 14 is celebrated the world over as Saint Valentine's Day, the day for all those in love. It is the most romantic and moving festivity where all over the world hearts open up to meet another and magic words "I love you" are said in all languages much more often than on any other day. And it does not matter if you do celebrate the Valentine's Day or just see it as a thing of fashion: heart-warming and sincere declarations of love and nice gifts will never be superfluous for anyone. 

How can you express your appreciation to the one you love on that day? What should you present on the occasion to that special one?

Story of Love 

stat hk_valentin2Why do lovers in various countries choose this cold winter day for their passionate assertions? Why do they present to one another red hearts with tender words, signed "From Your Valentine", irrespective of the sex and real name? History abounds with explanations for this dating centuries back. 

February 14 was celebrated as far back as in the Ancient Rome, it was a merry and bright festival for Juno, goddess of marriage, motherhood and women in general as well as for joyful god Faun. On that day young girls left their love letters for men in a large bin and the latter drew those messages at random and then, with the girl willing, started their courtship. 

It was somewhat later than the festival took the name of Saint Valentine. The legend has it that the name came from Roman priest Valentine. He lived in the time of stern Emperor Claudius II. The ruler was against marriages for his soldiers: burdened with families they would not fight as well, thinking not about the Emperor's glory but about their homes and wives. But Valentine dared to oppose the Emperor's will: the kindly priest transferred messages from and to lovers and even secretly married legionnaires in his church. 

When Claudius learned about that he had the protector of lovers thrown in jail and sentenced to death. In jail Valentine met young and charming daughter of his jailer and fell in love with her. On the day of his execution, on February 14, he wrote the farewell card to the girl asserting his love and signing it "From Your Valentine." 

Nobody knows whether the story is true or not, but the idea of love letters and messages caught the fancy of amorous couples. Heart-shaped valentines expressing love became a good tradition flourishing up to these days.

From the Bottom of One's Heart

stat hk_valentin1In each country Saint Valentine's Day is celebrated in its own way: in some they present gifts of sweets, in some – of jewelry, in some – of flowers, in some – of heart-shaped cards. Heart symbols appear on T-shirts and cups, on cakes and towels, on jewelry, candles, perfumes, lingerie, pillows and toys, on desserts and cocktails served in bars and restaurants. Everyone can find the gift for his or her beloved according to his or her own taste: romantic, moving, funny or passionate and frivolous. 

And just one thing remains constant: kisses accompanying the fine box, card or bouquet. One magazine estimated that it is on that day that most kisses are exchanged on our planet. Since just one touch of lips can sometimes mean much more than all the words. Scientists have determined that in fact a passionate kiss causes the same chemical reactions in the human brain as when shooting firearms or parachuting while the heart rate accelerates up to 100 and more beats per minute. 

Kisses can be not only tender, timid, passionate or hot, they can also be healthy, or to be more exact, curative. Just like Healthy Kiss system of comprehensive lip skin care from Vision. Healthy Kiss cares for and protects the thin and tender lip skin – for most gentle kisses. It moisturizes and nourishes lips, removes inflammations and helps in regenerating. Thanks to hyaluronic spheres contained in it Healthy Kiss rejuvenates the lip skin, making them voluminous and smooth. 

Healthy Kiss is not just the kiss of beauty, youth and health, but of your mood as well. Healthy Kiss Day with orange and vanilla essential oils, like a fairy-tale kiss from stories of princes and princesses, wakes you up in the morning, charges you with energy, helps you to feel better. And the preparation for night with the sophisticated lavender aroma calms you down and helps in normalizing your sleep. 

All that was about kisses. But imagine what heart-warming gift you can present to your loved one by giving him or her on Saint Valentine Day the set of Healthy Kiss Day & Healthy Kiss Night packaged (specially for the occasion) in a fine heart-shaped box… 

Thanks to Vision you will not just present healthy kisses to your near and dear but also create the nice atmosphere for the most romantic occasion – Saint Valentine Day.

Healthy Kiss, the kiss for those you love!