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Hectic pace of life of the big cities, bad ecology, lack of time for proper meals, fast food, irregular physical loads: it’s no wonder such lifestyle ultimately results in digestive disorders and almost always inevitably, bowel dysfunction.

Nowadays bowel disorders have taken the lead in the list of the most common health problems. According to the statistics, around 18% of adults suffer from various bowel disorders.

Human health, and the quality of life itself, are influenced by how good the condition of the bowel is. Around 80% of the human lymphatic system is located in the intestine, as it produces various substances that shield the human body from pathogenic bacteria and microbes.

One of the most widespread bowel disorders is prolonged constipation (i.e. stool retention), a typical consequence of the metabolic dysbalance. Few of us understand how serious this problem truly is, and wrongly so, because bowel disorders can provoke diseases.

Bowel Dysmotility: Causes

The most frequent cause of the bowel dysmotility is bad nutrition, unfortunately characteristic of most of us nowadays and is distinguished by three following factors: excessive amounts of refined and fast food, insufficiency of fiber in daily meals and notable imbalance of the food ingredients.

Thus, abundance of refined and canned food, digestible sugars and pastry often causes bowel disorders. These products are as a rule digested very quickly; it goes without due excitation of the intestinal muscles, which slows down the excretion processes and thus causes chronic constipation.

Insufficient intake of fiber (dietary fibers) also provokes constipation, fiber being a source of food for bacteria, regulating the intestinal performance. Moreover, fiber promotes reduction of the blood cholesterol and has a gentle choleretic action. Vegetables, fruit, berries, grains, coarse-grained bread are a rich source of fiber. The fiber is not digested by the gastrointestinal tract, but rather regulates and stimulates bowel movement.

Of course, nothing harms the bowel function more than unbalanced nutrition, especially a dreary diet, lacking diversity, which subsequently causes metabolic dysbalance. A vivid example of unbalanced meal: white close-grained bread with meat or sausage, topped with ketchup or mayo.

Apart from that, low-carb and high-protein diets are another reason for bowel dysmotility as well. They impair bowel movement and provoke constipation. Phyto-remedies, containing senna, are another widespread cause of bowel disorders. Senna is a strong laxative, contained in most weight-loss pills, that builds up tolerance and causes persistent malfunction of the stomach.

All abovementioned factors are further enhanced by the insufficient liquids intake and lack of physical activity. In some particular cases, the intestinal dysmotility is transformed into serious diseases of the digestive tract, and even nervous and genitourinary systems.

Symptoms and Signs of Bowel Disorders



Bowel obstruction (intestinal discomfort)

Stomach ache and spasms

Loss of appetite



Among the noticeable signs of dysmotility are bad breath, coated tongue, rapid fatigability, hair and nail fragility, acne, rash, dry and irritated skin.

Diet for Bowel Diseases

Everything you eat has to be either boiled or steamed. Exclude fried, fat, smoked and salty food.

If possible, don’t add any spices, flavor and taste enhancers, as they stimulate secretion of digestive juices and fermentation processes.

Eat less sweets and patisserie, meat products, canned food, white bread, etc.

Introduce more fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet, as well as dairy products, cereals and grains.

Quit smoking, avoid alcohol drinks.

Persistent and chronic bowel movement dysfunction often results in the body intoxication, which subsequently provokes various digestive disorders.

Lasting constipation may have complications on the straight intestine, like hemorrhoid, cracks and paraproctitis. Bowel disorders can invoke enlargement or elongation of the straight intestine, which also impairs the bowel movement. The worst complication of constipation is cancer of large and straight intestine.

EasyLAX: New Universal Remedy

New and exclusive, EasyLAX formula contains 7 unique ingredients with a gentle laxative effect that doesn’t impair the body. Not only EasyLAX normalizes the intestinal performance, but also improves metabolism, which promotes natural and painless body detoxification.

EasyLAX complex contains black radish root extract, a natural laxative remedy: it stimulates digestive functions of the intestine and produces a laxative action. It is also rich in fiber that promotes digestion and facilitates excretion of toxic metabolic products, thus regulating the water-salt metabolism. Chicory root extract has a beneficial impact on the digestive system. It contains inulin that restores the intestinal microbial balance and cleanses the body of toxins. Chicory normalizes metabolism and is effective against constipation and for treatment of obesity. Sand plantain seed extract is a natural and completely safe laxative remedy, which also stimulates and promotes regular bowel movement, and restores intestinal motility. Ginger root extract stimulates performance of the gastrointestinal tract and removes toxins and harmful substances from the body. It normalizes the intestinal function by means of promoting the splitting of food and intestinal uptake; regulates intestinal peristalsis—contraction of bowel muscles, which facilitates digestion. Alfalfa herb extract improves metabolism and enhances detoxifying functions of liver. It alleviates muscle strain, binds carcinogens and removes them from the body. Milk thistle fruit extract stimulates the synthesis and excretion of bile, eliminates stomachache and flatulence. Fennel seed extract improves intestinal peristalsis and digestive secretion.

What makes EasyLAX complex so unique is its ultimately balanced product formula with active natural ingredients that produce a systemic synergistic effect on the body.

EasyLAX is efficient for prevention of gastrointestinal disorders, improves digestive secretion and peristalsis. This complex can be used as part of your detox and weight loss program.

EasyLAX relieves of digestive disorders and provides for mild, natural and safe detoxification of the body.

Target audience:

In case of digestive disorders (flatulence, meteorism, constipation);

For natural detoxification of the body;

To enhance metabolism;

To control body mass.