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Parasitic Diseases: Causes and Prevention

Parasitic diseases are nearly as widespread as acute viral infections. According to the scientific estimates, parasites, fungi and pathogenic bacteria plague the life of every third person in the world, provoking gastrointestinal disorders and other health issues. 

Parasitic diseases are caused by parasites, fungi and pathogenic bacteria, invading the human body. Parasites live off the other living body, devouring energy, cells and nutrients we consume. They engorge vitamins and wholesome substances and poison the human body with their waste products. 

According to the statistics, about 5 billion people all over the world suffer from parasitic diseases. And this number tends to increase. In the beginning of the 21st century scientists discovered that 95% of Earth’s population is infested with parasites, while 99.9% of those who keep pets (including rodents and birds) are parasite carriers. In Russia the incidence of parasitic diseases equals 1.5 million cases. In total, there are almost 20 million people who carry helminthes, 70% of them—children. 

Causes of the Parasitic Diseases 
Among the main sources of parasites are raw fruit and vegetables, fast food, half-cooked food or dishes that contain raw products, like sushi, sashimi, medium rare meat, which may ultimately provoke parasitic diseases. Another risk factor is pets, one of the key sources of various parasites, fungi and pathogenic bacteria. 

Parasites penetrate into the body through our skin, mouth and mucous membranes, and provided the beneficial environment, start propagating at once. Parasites cause allergic reactions, reduce body resistance to infections and make it prone to chronic diseases. As a result of long-term parasitic attacks on the human body, organs and the whole immune system suffer a severe blow. Constant confrontation with extraneous agents not only attenuates the body defence, but causes secondary immunodeficiency, which provides fertile ground for developing severe chronic diseases that can not be cured by conventional methods. 

The very first symptoms of a parasitic disease might resemble those of more common diseases: 
  • Impaired immunity. Parasites affect the immune system, reducing the synthesis of immunoglobulin A. It causes the first symptoms of chronic fatigue, apathy, depression, problems with concentrating attention and bad memory; patients often complain of feeling ill. The lack of nutrients in the body is explained by troubled assimilation of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and particularly, vitamins A and B12.
  • Allergic reactions. Parasites may cause dysfunction of the digestive tract, which ultimately provokes allergic reactions.
  • Skin problems. Intestinal parasites often cause hives, rash, eczema and other skin reactions. 
  • Bruxism (excessive grinding of the teeth and/or excessive clenching of the jaw while sleeping), an ailment that often accompanies parasitic infections. 
  • Pains in joints and muscles as a result of tissue traumatizing, caused by parasitic activity; or being a consequence of the immune response to it.
  • Sleep disturbancy. Frequent night waking can be triggered by the liver trying to get rid of toxins.
  • Anaemia. Some types of parasites prefer to stick to enterostaxis and suck out nutrients. Abundance of parasites can subsequently provoke huge blood losses, which in its turn induces iron deficiency of the body. 
Diseases, Provoked by Parasites 
Some specialists insist that parasites are the main cause for obesity, as they steal nutrients from the body, leaving it with “junk” calories and suppressing the activity of beneficial intestinal microflora. The body’s demand for food starts growing incessantly, as it clearly is deprived of vitamins and minerals. Consequently, one puts on weight. 

Unfortunately, parasites, fungi and pathogenic bacteria can provoke severe diseases. Fungi, suppressing the normal intestinal microflora, instigate disbacteriosis; while the changing of large intestine’s acid environment contributes to propagating of pathogenic microflora, which ultimately leads to other diseases. 

Parasites can permeate into the vascular walls, destroying them and thus provoking myocardial infarction and other grave illnesses (inflammations of genitals, pancreatic gland and liver). 

Parasites, fungi and pathogenic bacteria consume all the best nutrients and thus devitalize the body. Only because of parasites, even those who lead a healthy life, can face health problems. Thus it is essential to remember the fact that revitalization of the body by means of proper nutrition and physical exercises can still be pointless. Cleansing of the body is vital not only to eliminate parasites, fungi and pathogenic bacteria, but also to normalize digestive system performance, remove toxins and harmful substances, and restore the balance of microbial flora of the intestine. 

Deecleance: Focused Cleansing 
Exclusive Deecleance complex with a targeted action will ensure comprehensive cleansing of the body and eliminate parasites, fungi and pathogenic bacteria. 

Product’s ultimately balanced formula contains 8 unique ingredients with a conspicuous antiparasitic action. Not only Deecleance cleanses the body of parasites, fungi and pathogenic bacteria, but also stimulates digestion, increasing salivation, secretion of gastric juice and digestive enzymes. It also improves intestinal motility and removes toxins from the body. 

It contains the best natural antioxidants to trigger a powerful antiparasitic action. Pumpkin seed extract contains ultimate dosages of cucurbitin proteins that paralyze parasites and eliminate them. Garlic bulb extract it has a conspicuous bactericidal effect, shields from all types of pathogenic bacteria and fungi, as well as from negative environmental impact. Sage leaf extract eliminates various types of parasites, pathogenic bacteria and fungi, mitigates allergic reactions and stimulates digestion. Fennel seed extract eliminates parasites and removes toxins. Black pepper extract normalizes digestive function and stimulates the synthesis of digestive enzymes. Clove flower extract normalizes performance of the gastrointestinal tract, destroys pathogenic germs and fungal infections. Gentian root extract facilitates the formation of protective mucus and synthesis of gastric juice; stimulates salivation, promotes bile synthesis. Magnesium purifies the intestine and normalizes digestive performance. 

The unique well-balanced Deecleance complex prevents parasitic diseases, cleanses the body of parasites, pathogenic flora and fungi, normalizes performance of the gastrointestinal tract and stimulates its defence properties, prevents parasitic diseases and restores intestinal microflora. 

Deecleance mitigates the aggressive external impacts that provoke parasitic diseases, cleanses the body of parasites and helps lead a healthy and active lifestyle! 

Target audience: 
  • Everybody who wants to cleanse the body;
  • Those who eat a lot of raw fruit and vegetables;
  • Those who lead active lifestyle and snacks on fast food;
  • Those who have meals at public eating places;
  • Those who like Japanese food, especially sushi and sashimi;
  • Those who keep pets;
  • Those who suffer from digestive problems. 
7 Rules to Prevent Parasitic Diseases 
  1. Wash your hands. Trivial as it may sound, but still most parasitic diseases are provoked by neglecting hygiene rules.
  2. Wash fruit, vegetables, berries and greens thoroughly before eating.
  3. Don’t bite your nails or chew on pencils.
  4. Cook fish and meat thoroughly.
  5. Drink only pure filtered water.
  6. Avoid close contact with pets, don’t let them lick your face, or lie on sofas and beds.
  7. Try to get rid of dusty old carpets as a source of parasites.