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Junior Neo. New Rendering of a Classic

All kids are different. Naughty and shy, ruddy and sturdy, fragile Thumbelinas, physics and lyrics, noisy lovers of fun and active games, timid creatures spending hours with a book... All of them certainly have their varying needs, including needs in vitamins and minerals. But despite all the differences, there are universal classics—the irreplaceable healthy substances—that all children, regardless of the age, area of living and way of life, need. Such all-time classic, according to the specialists, is Junior Neo, a food supplement from Vision’s Classic Hit line. 

Everybody Misses Them 

stat jneo classic1According to surveys, only a fraction of all school students are completely healthy. For the past ten years the occurence of cardio-vascular system disorders has increased three times. Digestive diseases have taken a tragic first place among all chronic diseases. 

One of the main reasons of the sad statistics is the shortage of vitamins which are the primary building material for a child’s health. In the period of active growth, a child needs same amounts of vitamins as an adult. Problems with eyesight and posture, bone tissue (osteoporosis) and teeth (caries), nervous and immune systems are all caused by the lack of vitamins, micro- and macroelements. 

Unfortunately, even the seemingly sufficient amounts of food and balanced diet can’t change the situation for the better. Of course, nowadays it is easy to find strawberry, new potatoes, asparagus and green salad in supermarkets even in winter. However, most of these foods are deprived of the healthy elements that we expect them to contain. Storage and cooking turn them into empty “dummies” by destroying from 25% to 100% of vitamins.


Combined With a Common Goal


Those loved most deserve the very best… That is why Vision’s specialists have introduced a renewed version of Junior+, the famous multi-vitamin complex for kids,—now called Junior Neo. Thanks to the latest innovations, the neo-formula has become even more powerful and effective. These tiny “chocolates” are extremely tasty and wholesome—it’s an inestimable support for the organism, a necessary minimum for good health. A bottle of Junior Neo contains good mood and light temper, cheerfulness and excellent grades, healthy flush and success in sports. 

Magnesium provides support for the heart and helps to battle stresses. 
Manganese enhances the nervous system and has the antioxidant properties. 
Lemon peel extract, rich in vitamin C, gives protection from infections. 
Vitamin PP guarantees health of the nervous system. 
Vitamin E protects from free radicals. 
Iron prevents anaemia. 
Zinc is for healthy skin and strong immunity. 
Beta-carotene cares for perfect eyesight. 
Vitamin B6 controls the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It is especially effective in combination with the folic acid. 
Vitamin B9 (folic acid) is needed for the blood formation and proper functioning of digestive and nervous systems. 
Vitamin B2 makes skin healthy and glowing. 
Vitamin B1 is required for strong muscles, good appetite and inquisitiveness. 
Vitamin B12 is necessary for good memory, focused attention, high energy and work capacity. 
Copper participates in the blood formation. 
Chromium relieves anxieties and fights weariness. 
Vitamin D3 helps to have a good posture, strong bones and teeth. 

Junior Neo ingredients supplement and enhance each other’s effectiveness, which makes the product an irreplaceable classic for a child’s health. Make a “deposit” into the good health of your children now, and they will enjoy the “interest” ever after.