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LiveLon’+: Retain Vibrancy of the Youth!

“Every man desires to live long, but no man wishes to be old”—these words by Jonathan Swift should definitely become a motto for all those aiming to preserve youthful and dewy look for as long as possible.

Ageing Factors

stat ll molod1With age our body starts gradually yielding to the impact of natural ageing processes. Fibroblasts—the so-called cells of youth—gradually become incapable of retaining water and generally producing good collagen and elastin fibers. Aggressive impact of free radicals and general deficit of wholesome substances cause premature destruction of cells, and consequently—first external signs of ageing show up: the skin starts thinning out, its micro-relief changes, followed by the appearance of wrinkles and distortion of facial shape. 

There are two main factors that impact the process of the body ageing: internal condition and aggressive external factors. 

Causes for ageing, related to the internal factors, can in most cases be provoked by heredity, hormonal changes, increased arterial pressure, cardiovascular diseases, etc. The external factors may include the lack of moisture in the body, excessive lounging under the sun (provokes photo-ageing), daily stress, toxins, smoking and abrupt weight-loss.

A Powerful Anti-age Effect

Newest exclusive creation of the Vision company—LiveLon'+ complex with a powerful anti-age effect—lets you turn back the time helps regain natural glowing youthful look. LiveLon'+ complex facilitates natural rejuvenation of the whole body. Its balanced formula contains 10 best antioxidants and has a cascade mechanism of action.

Active ubiquinone formula efficiently slows down ageing processes and protects from the impact of free radicals. Green tea extract regulates metabolism and cardiovascular system performance, removes toxins and harmful substances from the body. Sea buckthorn extract reduces the blood cholesterol, thickening blood vessels and capillaries, prevents their fragility, protects DNA cells. Resveratrol improves protection of the cell membranes, blocks progressing of oncology diseases and produces a beneficial impact on the eyesight.Astaxanthin shields the body from oxidative stress and UV-radiation, thus preventing photo-ageing. Lycopenereduces the level of oxidative stress, stops progressing of atherosclerosis, elevates concentration and agility of spermatozoa in men, contributes to maintaining normal potency, when it is affected by smoking. Acai (euterpe) berry extract prevents damaging of cells by free radicals and neutralizes them, slowing down ageing processes. Chlorophyll stimulates regeneration of damaged cells in tissues and blood formation.Selenomethionine prevents alteration of cells and atherosclerosis, ensuring DNA protection and tissue regeneration. Amaranth extract is a valuable source of lysin acid, indispensable for the synthesis of collagen in the body, that serves to decelerate ageing.

All 10 antioxidants within LiveLon'+ complex mitigate a damaging effect of free radicals over the body, as they hinder their excessive formation prior to them damaging other molecules, and restore already crippled molecules, which promotes longevity. Ingredients of LiveLon’+ complex produce a rejuvenating synergistic effect on all organs and tissues of the human body.

Target audience to take LiveLon’+:

  • Those who take care of their health.
  • Those who wish to slow down ageing of the body.
  • Those who are prone to prolonged impact of the UV-rays.
  • Those who don’t adhere to the rules of healthy nutrition and eat fast food.
  • Those who drink alcohol and smoke.