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VenoStrong - What’s Best for Your Legs

Bulging veins, edema, pains and heaviness in legs—those are symptoms of the chronic venous insufficiency, a disease known even to our ancestors. How frequent are cases of the venous insufficiency nowadays, can modern science offer an effective and safe remedy against this ailment?

Historic Record

vs best1Chronic venous insufficiency: this daunting ailment was known since the 5th century BC. For hundreds of years doctors had been trying to figure out causes of the chronic venous insufficiency, until the English doctor William Garway discovered the principle of the circulatory system functioning. Now we know that our circulatory system consists of 160 thousand kilometers of vessels, half of those being veins. Blood from the heart is supplied to the organs through arteries, transferring oxygen. Used-up blood returns to lungs and heart through veins to receive another portion of oxygen and set on yet another journey through the whole body. 

Millions of years of evolution couldn’t manage to change the veins and get them to comply with new conditions of life, although a modern human is nearly a meter taller than our ancestors; it presupposes that veins are stretched to the limit of their capabilities. Besides that, veins are initially meant for a different level of physical loads. Their performance is optimal, when one is constantly in action, which is hardly so for most people nowadays. Sedentary lifestyle reduces the tonus of veins, provoking them to become flaccid and elongated, with blood flow weakening inside them. Blood lingers in vessels, instead of returning back to the heart again and again; thus vessels get “clogged”, which instigates swelling of legs, pains, emerging of vascular spiders, bulging of veins and formation of blood clots inside them.

Disease of the Civilization

Vein diseases are impending over everyone; they are a so-called contribution for human evolution. It is no surprise that chronic venous insufficiency has become so widespread, it is even reckoned among diseases of the civilization.

The incidence rate of vein diseases alludes to just how relevant this problem is. According to the medical data, nearly 90% of women and over 60% of men suffer from the chronic venous insufficiency to a certain degree. Admit, the statistics are overwhelming. So why exactly are diseases of veins so widespread?

First of all, they rapidly “grow younger”. If 30 years ago chronic venous insufficiency was mostly inherent in 50-60-year old people, nowadays the disease often affects younger people—those between 15 and 40 years old. That factor is mostly provoked by excessive weight, overstrain and smoking.

And second of all, many patients don’t really regard vein diseases with seriousness: this irresponsible attitude, along with a delusion that vascular spiders are merely cosmetic flaws, altogether lead to neglecting a serious ailment. Most of us lose months and even years before they understand, there are no miracles, the disease will keep progressing and there is no way one can avoid having to cure it.

VenoStrong—Your Perfect Aid

Nowadays medical science has made a huge progress and can offer those, suffering from the chronic venous insufficiency, a dozen means to eliminate gruesome pains and heaviness in legs. However, one of the most popular treatment methods still is phyto-therapy: there are numerous medicinal herbs that help cure diseases of veins.

Horse chestnut is clearly the most well-known and time-honoured remedy in phyto-therapy and was also long ago accepted as such by traditional medicine. Blossom, fruit and leaves of this plant are used to prepare various remedies for internal and external use. They strengthen venous walls, alleviate inflammation and thin the blood. Among other widespread veinotonics are the leaves of red grape, hamamelis and butcher’s broom. Cypress and lavender also promote strengthening of venous walls and normalize metabolism in the connective tissue.

A remedy, containing all these unique natural veinotonics, would definitely be an indispensable aid for those, who suffer from the venous insufficiency. But is it possible to single-handedly assort the right proportions of necessary ingredients? It is hardly manageable.

Vision company aspires to make the task easier for you, which is why it has created a revolutionary product with optimal combination of the most efficient plant ingredients. VenoStrong gel simultaneously addresses all causes and manifestations of the chronic venous insufficiency. The product has been created specifically for external use. It is safe and easy-to-use, while possessing a pronounced and quick action. VenoStrong gel helps relieve edema, alleviate pains and heaviness in legs.

Red grape and butcher's broom leaf extracts form the basis of VenoStrong gel, improve blood circulation and tone up the veins, strengthening their walls. Hamamelis virginiana has a vasoconstricting effect, reduces capillary permeability, has an anti-inflammatory action and mitigates pains and heaviness in legs. Horse chestnut extract is a classic remedy against the chronic venous insufficiency, which strengthens vascular walls, improves venous circulation and reduces the blood pressure in veins. Cypress and lavender essential oils allow to eliminate external signs of the chronic venous insufficiency—edema, vascular spiders and dilated veins.

With VenoStrong gel you will forget about the chronic venous insufficiency once and for all. No diseases of veins can ever hinder your way to health again!