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Alcoholism is a scourge of modern society, a terrible desease, from which millions of people suffer – both those who drink, and those who live with them. Is alcoholism curable, and what therapy would be most effective?

Global statistics related to alcoholism is most grievous. According to the World Health Organization, yearly per capita consumption of ethanol reaches 6,1 litre. Chronic alcohol intoxication seriously harms health, and on average shortens life span by 17 years. Every year no less than 320 000 people die from alcohol abuse.

Unfortunately, in our country many families encounter the problem, when relatives drink and either can not, or don’t want to stop drinking. It is only natural that we want to help a relative. But how can we help? And is alcoholism curable at all?

How alcoholism is treated

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Some people start to ask friends andacquaintances if somebody went under treatment from alcoholism. Others turn to healers, psychics, and sorcerers, by some reason believing that magic is the only way out. Some read relevant articles in newspapers, look for Internet sites, and go to alcohol rehabilitation centers in search of strong chemical medicines. 
And many people lose any hope when they see an alcohol addicts who seemingly recover but then go back to heavy drinking, and go down personally and socially. That’s why the perception appeared that treating alcoholism is something unrealistic. But there is no need to lose heart. A person suffering from alcohol abuse can be successfully treated at any stage of the decease. It often happens that the cases with a long history of drinking can be treated even more effectively, because a person is tired of the problems resulting from alcoholism, and thus is strongly motivated for sobriety and treatment.

The most effective method

There are many different methods of treating alcoholism. But most of them produce side effects. Chemical medicines don’t suit everybody, and can be harmful for health. Injection and implantation of special drugs can not help to fully get rid of the bad habit. So, which method would be most effective? Strangely, as it may sound, it is phytotherapy. Don’t be surprised. From long ago, extracts and tinctures obtained from all kinds of plants have been used to reduce harmful crave for alcohol. But there is no need to hurry to the drugstore to buy herbs and make a healing tincture yourself. Home treatment of alcoholism can be harmful because it is pretty difficult to ideally balance all the components. In order not to threaten the health of a person who is already sick, and to make the theatment of alcoholism as comfortable as possible, the Vision Company developed HeparD – a special natural product with healing effects of plants.

Unique composition of the unique product

stat hepard kodir2Major component of this product is Pueraria lobata, better known as kudzu. It is the most effective plant to reduce craving for alcohol. Pueraria lobata, orkudzu grows in Japan and China, and has been used there for more than 2500 years. Modern research confirmed safety and effectiveness of kudzu root’s extract to reduce craving for alcohol. Thanks to inherent active saponins, flavonoids, and isoflavones, this ‘magic’ component reduces the need for alcohol. Kudzu is also able to relieve febrile state, remove toxins, and products of alcohol metabolism. The plant slows down development of physical alcohol dependence, lowers alcohol intoxication, and prevents hangover syndrome. 
To further strengthen these effects, HeparD is supplemented with three active plant ingredients. These are milk thistle, horseradish, and St John’s wort. Taken for a long time, milk thistle develops aversion for alcohol, cures damaged liver cells, cleans up blood, and relieves alcoholic intoxication. Horseradish and St John’s wort have similar effect: they reduce desire to drink. Thanks to its antidepressive and sedative quality, St John’s wort reduces craving for alcohol. It also contains some substances which compensate the lack of elements in an alcoholic’s organism provoking him to drink. Horseradish, in its turn, cleans up the liver of toxins and products of alcohol metabolism, and helps to quickly sober up after drinking.

HeparD is also enriched with zink, magnesium, vitamins B6 and CZink accelerates splitting of alcohol molecules, and helps to quickly remove toxins. Magnesium, vitamins B6 and C improve psychological and physical endurance, accelerate metabolism, and help to cope with stress. Besides, according to latest research, magnesium also reduces craving for alcohol.

It is this elaborate combination of natural ingredients, vitamins, and minerals that makes HeparD a truly unique product which can help to safely and effectively get rid of alcoholism.

HeparD provides a real way out for those lost hope, who tried all kinds of treatment but failed to stop drinking. HeparD gives you an opportunity to change your life. We believe that the power of nature will help you to recover, and to make a fresh start.