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Feeling of heaviness and languor in legs, burning and prickling, cramps and edema—most of us have already faced these temporary, as they would seem, troubles. However, these might not only be the consequences of temporary fatigue, but also first signs of chronic venous insufficiency.

We rarely pay attention to such ailments, but once they become repeated, it is high time to consider this matter carefully. Our lifestyle itself already stipulates the problem. Sedentary life, or vice versa, running around all the time, lack of physical activity or excessive weight, uncomfortable footwear, traumatized legs, frequent flights—these may further on provoke venous insufficiency.

Clinical record

stat vs noThe term “chronic venous insufficiency” combines several diseases, varicosity and thrombophlebitis being but a couple of example diagnoses, related to pains in legs. According to the average medical statistics, such ailments are inherent in every 2nd person in our country. Unfortunately, very few people seek medical help in such cases, and in the meantime the disease progresses. Lately this disease has become so widespread, that many specialists entitled it a “disease of the civilization”. 

Venous insufficiency is caused by the dysfunction of venous valves. Venous tone is thus weakened, pressure on the vessels’ walls grows, which subsequently causes their dilation. In most cases chronic venous insufficiency is characteristic of women, however more and more often it affects men as well. Group of risk includes overweight people, as well as tall people and those with genetic predisposition. The disease can also affect sportsmen and those, whose profession implies hard physical labour.


Chronic venous insufficiency has various manifestations, depending on the stage of its progress. Edema of shins and feet in the end of a day are the first alarming indicators of chronic venous insufficiency. You might also feel discomfort after long walks and wearing tight footwear or thick tights. Subsequently these might be followed by pains in calves and cramps of leg muscles at night.

Afterwards the disease progresses, followed by first visible manifestations. Vascular net appears on the surface of the skin of legs, dark dilated varicose veins become visible. If the disease is ignored, it may invoke serious complications. Skin of the affected areas on legs would become dry and very sensitive to injuries, then dark spots appear on the skin surface, which could further fuse into huge blots, forming venous stasis ulcer that can only be eliminated surgically.

Universal Remedy

Vision’s new creation—veinotonic called VenoStrong—addresses all causes and manifestations of the venous insufficiency and will help you mitigate it. Unique formula of this natural veinotonic is developed specifically to ensure a comprehensive effect on the venous system. Best plant components with proven natural efficiency against the venous insufficiency have been selected to be included into the VenoStrong complex.

Bitter orange fruit extract is a unique natural source of diosmin and hesperidin that are obtained in laboratories. It produces a boosting effect on veins, strengthens blood vessels’ walls, decreases dilatability of veins, tones them up and reduces venous stasis. Citrus aurantium peel extract improves condition during venous insufficiency, relieves edema and heaviness in legs, as well as itching, cramps and restless legs syndrome, and efficiently improves endurance and working capacities. Grape skin extract promotes a pain-killing action, abates spasms, numbness and tingling in legs, especially at night. It also improves venous circulation. Gotu Kola extract improves blood circulation, reduces pressure in veins, facilitates quick restoration of healthy state of blood vessels’ walls and reduces puffiness. Papaya extract contains ferment, called papain, reduces blood viscosity and amends microcirculation, splits thrombocyte clots and deposits on the walls of blood vessels, thus preventing thrombophlebitis.

VenoStrong complex addresses all causes and manifestations of the chronic venous insufficiency. Not only it alleviates its symptoms, but also precludes serious complications, often invoked by the venous insufficiency.

VenoStrong guarantees beautiful and well-rested legs. You will feel that your legs have become light and strong, and amaze everybody with your easy gracious steps!

The whole world is at your feet with VenoStrong!