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In the times of Hippocrates it was called the “knocking down disease”, and not without a reason, as chronic venous insufficiency is fraught with various grave complications. 

Clinical Record 
Chronic venous insufficiency is one of the most widespread ailments nowadays. Nearly 89% of women and 66% of men in developed countries suffer from it to a certain degree. 

So, what is chronic venous insufficiency? Doctors unite a wholeVenoStrong st range of diseases under this name—these are ailments that provoke protracted, and in some cases lifelong, disturbance of the venous drainage. Blood flow in veins is disturbed due to the weakening of venous valves which normally facilitate blood circulation; as well as due to blood clots in veins or insufficient physical activity. 

Heaviness and swelling in legs in the evening, vascular spiders are the very first symptoms of the chronic venous insufficiency that might trigger your concern. Later on the network of small subdermal capillaries grows to spread all over a leg, causing pains and night convulsions. Gradually subdermal veins get overfilled with blood, dilate and turn into worm-like thick swollen knots with flabby venous walls. 

Causes and Factors of Risk 
There are several factors that can provoke chronic venous insufficiency. They say, that the vein diseases are a so-called contribution for human ability to walk upright. Consequently, those people who spend most of the time standing are in the category of risk (like cooks, hairdressers, salespeople, teachers, surgeons, etc.). As the pressure in veins is directly proportional to height, tall people are subsequently more prone to the chronic venous insufficiency. Another important cause of dysfunction of the venous valves may be an abdominal pressure upswing. It mostly happens when lifting heavy weights, or wearing tight clothes and corsets. A direct connection has been noted between the venous diseases and alteration of the endocrine profile in women during pregnancy (in 90% of cases varicosity enhances during that period), or administration of hormonal contraceptives, which have been found out to provoke 30% of cases of the chronic venous insufficiency if taken in prolonged courses. 

Lately another cause of the chronic venous insufficiency has evolved: a so-called “office syndrome”. In terms of sedentary work calf muscles remain inactive, so there is no blood circulation within veins, which consequently induces the ultimate risk of the chronic venous insufficiency. These processes are even more enhanced in those who prefer cross-legged sitting position: in such case the popliteal vein is clamped down, which provokes dysfunction of the venous blood outflux through veins in legs. As a result, vascular walls dilate and lose their elasticity. In women, the load on veins gets even more pronounced because of the dress-code requirements to wear high-heeled shoes. Thus, office workers more frequently complain of such symptoms as swelling and fatigue in legs and feet, particularly in the evenings. Those are all first alarming signals of the approaching chronic venous insufficiency. 

New Remedy 
Vision offers a unique remedy to fight the chronic venous insufficiency. Veinotonic VenoStrong is a wonderful natural remedy, specifically designed to produce a multifacet impact on the venous system. The most potent natural ingredients combating venous insufficiency have been preselected to create the natural complex VenoStrong. Extracts of Bitter orange fruit and peel make up the foundation of this powerful veinotonic; they contain powerful bioflavonoids, diosmin and hesperidin that relieve venous stasis, reduce capillary permeability and strengthen vessels. Extracts of grape marc, Gotu Kola and papaya enhance the effect of bioflavonoids, help relieve swelling and pains, reduce blood pressure in veins, which allows you to regain gracious and light manner of walking and forget about pains once and for all. 

VenoStrong natural complex is wholesome for all those who noticed the first symptoms of the chronic venous insufficiency, or experience prolonged static loads (remain standing or sitting for long periods of time), wear high-heeled shoes, as well as for all overweight people, prone to the cardiovascular diseases. 

VenoStrong complex simultaneously addresses all causes and manifestations of the chronic venous insufficiency. Not only it alleviates its symptoms, but also prevents serious complications, which chronic venous insufficiency is fraught with. 

VenoStrong allows you to forget about pains, swelling, heaviness and fatigue in legs and feet, and throw off the symptoms of the chronic venous insufficiency once and forever. Your legs will always stay beautiful and well-rested. The whole world is at your feet with VenoStrong

Prevention and Treatment 
There are several simple preventive measures that can help mitigate the risk of the venous diseases: 
— In case of sedentary or standing types of work try to shift position of your legs more often, or take a walk at a fast pace; 
— Lift up your feet for several minutes before sleep everyday; 
— Do exercises regularly, go hiking or swimming; 
— Wear compression stockings or tights; 
— Avoid overexposure to sun rays that reduce elasticity of tissues and vascular walls; 
— Wear medium-heeled shoes (not higher than 5 cm); 
— Have balanced nutrition, consume various fruits, vegetables, berries and natural vegetable oils—they contain organic acids that improve blood flow. 

If chronic venous insufficiency has already developed to a certain stage, the treatment method has to be altered. 

Sclerotherapy: at the early stages of varicosity and provided there are no counterindications, such method as sclerotherapy may be used. Special substances, sclerosants, are injected into veins with a thin needle, and they “seal” a dilated section of a vein. 

Saphenectomy: it’s a surgical operation to remove big venous knots. It is performed with the help of a special probe through which all dilated sections of a vein are removed. 

Laser coagulation of varicose veins is more powerful than sclerotherapy and doesn’t require making incisions. Under the ultrasonic control a thin light pipe is connected to the laser equipment that warms up a vein. Under high temperature the varicose vein is “welded” all over, and thus there is no further necessity of removal. 

Microdermal coagulation allows to remove the tiniest vascular spiders with a diameter less than 0.3 mm with the help of a thinnest spicular microelectrode. High frequency current flows through the electrode, injected into the dilated section of a capillary, and feeds momentary impulses of current. Warmth affects a capillary, without injuring the adjacent tissues and vascular spiders disappear within a few seconds. 

Micro-sclerotherapy deals with the smallest veins and vascular spiders. Cosmetic effect is reached within 1.5-2 months. The involvement doesn’t leave any cicatrices or burns.