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Much of a woman’s life, beginning from how she feels, to what she looks like, is defined by hormones. Only an adequate level of hormones ensures regular menstrual cycle, pregnancy, as well as attractive appearance with all its constituents: normal weight, pure skin, healthy and beautiful hair. The consequences of a balanced hormonal background are normal periods and feebly marked PMS. Our article tells about these female problems and explains how to help a woman feel steady, fine and keep good mood any day of the month.

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How to Identify PMS? 
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a complex set of symptoms, occurring in most cases 7-10 days before menstruation. It is characterized by phycho-emotional, vegetovascular and endocrine disturbances. 
Cardiac arrhythmia, heart aches and slight increase of temperature may sometimes be present. Skin rash and micro inflammations appear, acne becomes aggravated. Mood swings are quite frequent—a woman becomes nervous, worried and weepy. Psycho-emotional breakdowns during PMS may spoil her own life and the lives of those around her.

So what may cause a disturbance of hormonal balance, and, consequently, PMS?

Apart from natural genetic predisposition to excessive or insufficient production of various hormones, nowadays specialists observe such reasons for hormonal disturbances as strict unbalanced diets, which often lead to serious metabolic disturbances, anorexia, dysmenorrhea and even amenorrhea. Hormonal contraception without medical advice often leads to hormonal misbalance and serious harm to woman’s body.

What other reasons may cause women’s problems?

Bad environmental conditions, constant stresses, overstrain, chronic fatigue, sleeping and eating disturbances, inflammatory and allergic processes, tumors, traumas, — any one of these reasons or their combination is able to upset fragile women’s hormonal balance.

What is upset women’s hormonal balance fraught with?

First of all—the most common consequences are menstrual irregularities and profuse menstruation bleeding, which can cause anaemia. Endometriosis, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, mastopathy as a rule are connected with excess concentration of hormones in woman’s body. On the other hand, the lack of hormones leads to premature aging and early menopause.

Moreover, other signs of hormonal disturbances may be arterial pressure jumps, loss of vitality and, as was mentioned above, PMS. For 85% of women this state is a serious problem that has a destructive effect on their personal and family life.

How to solve this problem?

Artemida Neo, a new product from the Vision company, will help normalize hormonal background and remove PMS symptoms.

The complex contains effective doses of healthy plants and vitamins, indispensable for female body. The active substances accumulate in the body, stabilize hormonal background, remove PMS symptoms and help during menstruation.

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One of the main ingredients of Artemida Neo is chaste tree, an acknowledged leader among medicinal plants used for treating PMS. Chaste tree extract has a direct action on the level of female hormones. It allows removing PMS symptoms and normalizing menstrual cycle. The reduction of the level of prolactin diminishes the risk of mastopathy. It is well known that chaste tree is a substance №1 in the world for preventing mastopathy. What is more, a proper level of hormones ensures normal menopause without such unpleasant symptoms as hyperhidrosis, hot flushes, arterial tension jumps, mood swings and palpitation.

Angelica Sinensis as a part of the complex improves reproductive function and has a diuretic action.

Artemida Neo includes a balanced complex of vitamins and microelements in order to support women’s health, ease nervous excitation, irritability and premenstrual depression.

What is the clinically proved effect?

Artemida Neo ensures overall support of female health. Its components help ease spasmodic pains during both PMS and menstruation, overcome disposition to depression and mood swings, improve sleep and general state during PMS. Taking this complex diminishes the risk of appearance and development of inflammatory processes in urogenital system, as well as the risk of mastopathy, metrofibroma, endometriosis and endometrium hyperplasia.

Neither young women, nor women of elegant age should ignore PMS symptoms or try to overcome them with the help of symptomatic preparations: in this case it is impossible to achieve long-term and stable improvement of premenstrual state, moreover, there is a high possibility of its aggravation with age. Artemida Neo from Vision is an effective solution for a woman of any age, who faces the problem of PMS and wants to keep the situation in hand.Mature women, who take Artemida Neo are able to prolong their childbearing age. The complex will ease the course of menopause for those who are already in this period.