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Nature has created women wayward and unpredictable. One day we’re cheerful and happy, full of energy and vitality, ready to conquer and change the whole world, but several days or even hours later we feel sad, wistful, unable to deal with anything and indisposed . 

Men have always been surprised by unfounded female sensitivity, streams of tears, anger outbursts at mere trifles or for no reason at all. Well, even we ourselves are not happy about such mood swings and this seemingly unfounded irritability. It is not at all easy to overthrow such states. Here is the explanation why. 

Long ago scientists determined that female mood is not just some whim, ability to play it cool or getting up on the right side of the bed. This is also physiological state, and one of its most sensitive and unstable parts is the time before periods, the so-called premenstrual syndrome (PMS). 

Feeling of Discord 

stat aremneo orujie1There is a special kind of relation between the psychological state of a woman and menstrual cycle, for which hormones estrogen, progesterone and prolactin are responsible. Halfway through the cycle the balance of these hormones alters. The level of estrogen that made us cheerful, happy and smiling during the first half of cycle reduces, whereas the level of progesterone and prolactin grows. 

Progesterone and prolactin are the ones to blame for all our troubles—mood swings, irritability, apathy and anger. Progesterone—the so-called pregnancy hormone—becomes a reason of pains in breasts and abdomen, provokes pressure upswings, causes temporary digestive problems, and is responsible for sharp mood swings. Prolactin in its turn is the hormone of irritability and stress. If during premenstrual syndrome you are ready to crush everything around, be aware that it’s exactly the effect of prolactin. Besides, the closer menstruation dates get, the higher the level of prolactin, which makes it all the more difficult to bear PMS symptoms and deteriorates general well-being. 

Such change of the hormones’ balance is predetermined by the nature itself, which is why every woman experiences pangs of premenstrual syndrome sooner or later. The older we get—the stronger and more torturous its symptoms are. Bear in mind that hormones’ disbalance, caused by various ailments, loss or gaining of weight, will also affect your mood and well-being, which can make life during PMS practically unbearable. 

How to Discern an Enemy 

PMS is multifaced and can be manifested by hundreds of symptoms. Its intensity varies for all women, and it can be expressed randomly in different months for the same woman. For example, the symptoms you face in one month may change completely the following two months, as the combination of hormones alters. Still, there are clinical aspects of premenstrual syndrome, familiar to most women. 

Psychologically PMS may be manifested by slight depression, bad mood, short temper and fatigue. Everything seems annoying: relatives, colleagues, lines in shops, uncomfortable dress… It seems the whole world has been created to make you unhappy. In such times we overcook food, argue with the family, some even make it to divorce… 

In terms of physiological aspects, a woman tends to feel discomfort. Headaches are followed by backaches and pains in the lower back area. It seems incessant: heaviness in abdomen, strong cramps, dizziness and nausea, swelling of feet and hands, engorged and tender breasts. Some women can gain weight, as the high level of progesterone provokes craving for carbohydrates. Sweet pastry, patisserie and chocolate then seem the best food option. 

Defense Strategies 

Don’t think that PMS is a minor temporary ailment that can be dealt withstat aremneo orujie2 by a couple of antispasmodic and calming pills. Premenstrual syndrome is officially included into the International Classification of Diseases, compiled by the World Health Organization. Thus PMS is a real disease, which is why you should adopt a serious approach to overcoming it. 

PMS has a complicated mechanism and starts with the dysfunction of ovaries and hormones’ disbalance. It invokes improper functioning of the endocrine glands as well as the central nervous system. So plain symptomatic treatment won’t suffice in this case. 

Hormonal dysfunction may be prevented by the natural plant complex Artemida Neo which can help interchanging of hormones. The complex contains wholesome plants and vitamins, indispensable for the female body that will not only bring temporary relief of the PMS symptoms but will help normalize endocrine profile. 

Artemida Neo complex has a truly unique composition, which includes bearberry, chasteberry, red clover and Angelica sinensis—the most efficient “female” herbs. They contain substances that, accumulating in the body, are able to restore endocrine profile and diminish unpleasant PMS manifestations: relieve spasms, help overcome depression and mood swings, improve sleep and reduce over-excitability. 

Artemida Neo can reduce the level of prolactin, a hormone that causes intense PMS symptoms and provokes many female ailments. Particularly that’s why Artemida Neo is just indispensable for all those with irregular menstrual cycle. This complex helps normalize the cycle, reduce duration and heaviness of menstruation, as well as cut the risk of mastopathy, which is closely connected with a high level of prolactin. 

Artemida Neo will not only restore endocrine profile, but also diminish the risk of inflammatory processes in the female urogenital system, and strengthen the body thanks to vitamins A, E, B6 and iron contained in it. 

Artemida Neo is indispensable for every woman to maintain health and preserve youth and beauty. Regular intake of the product helps prolong the reproductive phase, prevent inflammations of the urogenital system and all diseases related to the endocrine profile disbalance.