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OsteoSanum - Your Protection from Osteoporosis

Your daily diet is rich in calcium, and you are sure you are well protected from osteoporosis, aren’t you? It is not yet time to relax. Merely by eating healthy food you will not necessarily keep yourself from this “mute epidemic”. 

Osteoporosis is more widespread than it is usually considered to be. According to medical statistics, every third woman and every fourth man after 50 already suffer from osteoporosis. Future predictions are not encouraging: with time osteoporosis will affect more and more people. Every second woman and every third man will suffer a fracture because of the wear of bone tissue—osteoporosis. 

Drug treatment of osteoporosis has reached quite a high level in recent years, but unfortunately it is still impossible to cure osteoporosis once and for all. That is why the prevention is considered to be the best treatment. Preventive measures should start as soon as possible. This illness starts to show itself only on late stages, when treatment is no longer very effective. 

Calcium is the Basis of Prevention 
One of the main reasons for development of osteoporosis is washing-out of calcium from bone tissue. Many believe this process to start only after 50 years, however it is not so. Calcium already starts leaving our body after 30, and the process speeds up with age. The reduction of bone tissue density is most probable for people who lacked calcium at young age. The additional risks are harmful diets, hormonal changes and smoking. 

Consequently, it is essential to supply the body with enough calcium, otherwise bone tissue becomes thin, bones fragile and it leads to fractures even in cases of insignificant injuries and traumas. The problem is that calcium is very difficult to digest. We receive only 20-30% of it from food, and the rest of the mineral leaves the body without any effect. So even if you choose a diet that includes products with the maximum content of calcium, it does not mean you will be able to compensate the deficiency of this mineral. Moreover you may eat calcium day and night and achieve no result whatsoever, apart from salt metabolism disturbance and kidney stones. Osteoporosis is an illness when calcium is very badly assimilated in the bones or is washed away from them, even if it is present in food in excess. This may be caused by several serious reasons—for example, lack of such rare vitamins as D3 and K2. 

osteoporozMeet Calcium’s Assistants 
Vitamins K2 and D3 help keep calcium in the bone tissue and consequently improve the strength and density of bones and prevent the development of osteoporosis. Vitamin D3 ensures maximum absorption of calcium, carries out the process of mineralization and restructuring of bone tissue, and maintains teeth and hair healthy. 

However calcium does not always arrive where it is most needed (teeth and bones, for example). It sometimes happens that if a person takes calcium with Vitamin D, the amount of the mineral becomes too high and it stores up in the vessels and soft tissues. Calcium can settle in cholesterol plaques, making then too dense. As the result the opening of the vessel narrows and its wall destroys. Later calcium deposits in the vessels can lead to infarctions, strokes and internal hemorrhage. The excess of calcium can deposit in chest fibrous tissue—in this case only surgical treatment is possible. 

To avoid such overdose it is recommended to give preference to those calcium products that additionally contain Vitamin K2. This vitamin has been discovered very recently, at the turn of the XXI century. It can fulfill the regulating role, directing calcium where it is most needed, or taking it away where there is too much of it. 

OsteoSanum—the Right Choice 
The very carefully developed formula of the natural product OsteoSanum allows taking it without fear. OsteoSanum contains not only calcium and Vitamin D, but also Vitamin K2 that controls the content of calcium in the vessels and bone tissue, maintaining the cardiovascular system of the body in balance. OsteoSanum also contains mummy extract powder. Mummy is a whole cascade of macro- and microelements, metal oxides, amino acids, phospholipids, vitamins, essential oils and other biologically active substances that stimulate the oxidation-reduction processes. Thanks to its complex composition mummy is considered to be an extremely efficient generator of tissues and bones in cases of fractures. What is more, mummy facilitates right fixation of calcium in bones. 

Very few products containing calcium have such a balanced formula. Thanks to its composition OsteoSanum will not only protect your bones from osteoporosis, but also diminish the risk of atherosclerosis, protect from thrombus and help regeneration of tissues of skin, hair, nails and joints. 

You should not wait for the moment when the lack of calcium affects your appearance and health. Take action now.