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iCBerry - revolutionary approach to supporting female health

Most women have dealt with cystitis at least once in a lifetime, and know how torturous and troublesome this ailment is. And more than half of those suffer from this illness repeatedly. Treatment of cystitis is not so simple, and unfortunately, not always bears fruit. However, Vision company in association with the pharmaceutical laboratory Arkopharma have found a way out. Together they have developed a unique natural product iCBerrythat will not only help throw off this illness, but also eliminate its very causes.


Causes of Cystitis

stat ic revol1According to the medical statistics, in 90% of cases cystitis is provoked in particular by the disbalance of the intimate microflora, when the amount of opportunistic pathogenic microorganisms (staphylococci, streptococci and coliform bacteria) exceeds admissible values. Harmful bacteria get into the bladder and cause its inflammation. However, even the timely visit to a doctor may not guarantee positive results. The reason is simple: cystitis itself also leads to the disbalance of the intimate microflora, which entails more and more diseases, both urogenital (repeated cystitis or urethritis) and gynecological (coleitis, candidosis, vaginosis, uterine cervix inflammation). 

This is a vicious circle: vaginal dysbacteriosis causes cystitis, which repeatedly leads to the intimate microflora disbalance, and the latter subsequently provokes inflammation. And no matter what ailments vex you, irrespective of the preferred method of treatment, the disease will keep aggravating until the balance of microflora is restored. Latest innovative product from the Vision company, called iCBerry, can help break this vicious circle, throw off cystitis once and forever, and improve intimate female health.


Our Advantages


Innovative product iCBerry has a unique formula, based on the cranberry extract—No 1 remedy against cystitis in the world. Thanks to the newest processing methods, specialists of the Arkopharma company have managed to preserve all wholesome properties of this medicinal berry, and added it into iCBerry in the ultimate concentration.

Cranberry restores the vaginal acid-base balance, stimulating the growth of wholesome microorganisms. Contemporary medical research has also served to admit this fact. Cranberry prevents entrenching of pathogenic microorganisms on the walls of the bladder and literally washes away bacteria from the urinary tracts.

stat ic revol2Probiotic called Lactobacillus acidophilus can help restore microflora. These lactobacteria are considered to be dominating microorganisms in the vaginal flora of a healthy woman. They maintain acid environment of the genitals and suppress growth of opportunistic flora. 

Lactobacilli acidophili are extremely sensitive to light, humidity and temperature growth. Hence, due to incorrect transportation and storage conditions, part of Lactobacilli acidophili in ordinary products always dies, so that the corresponding products won’t be able to duly restore microflora. 

Vision DEM4 laboratory has created a unique patented technology—PPM® (Probiotic Preservation Media)—that allows to preserve steadiness of probiotic cultures. This particular technology has been used to create iCBerry. Active ingredients of iCBerry are sealed in the thick shell of rapeseed oil that helps retain their useful properties. Rapeseed oil makes iCBerry formula steadier and protects sensitive Lactobacilli acidophili from temperature swings and humidity. Currently the market can’t boast of a steadier probiotic product formula.


Unique Product for Preventive Treatment


All ingredients of iCBerry are selected according to a principle of synergy, which allows them enhance each other’s action. Supplementary active ingredients of iCBerry are vitamin C, selenium and zinc, that boost overall immunity and shield the female body from inflammatory diseases. Vitamin C facilitates growing of beneficial microflora and helps maintain normal pH of the vagina.

Thanks to its unique composition, iCBerry may be considered one of the most effective products to cure cystitis and support intimate female microflora. Prevention of dysbacteriosis and defeating cystitis becomes possible with a new creation of the Vision company—natural product iCBerry.

iCBerry is indispensable practically to everyone: women before and during the menopause; women, planning pregnancy; women, taking hormonal contraceptives or suffering from the ailments, related to metabolism disbalance. This product is recommended for prevention of urogenital diseases and their relapses. iCBerry is truly irreplaceable during the cold seasons, because of the risk of overcooling.