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DiReset - Restart the Immune System

The research laboratory Vision DEM4 is well-known as a developer of most effective innovative high-quality products. Today, just before the season of colds and flu commences, Vision company in cooperation with the Vision DEM4 laboratory is ready to present its new creation — a product called DiReset. This natural remedy is intended to activate the immune system and protect the human body from various diseases. DiReset will become most reliable ally for modern people that want to strengthen and refresh their immunity.

Out immune system is a highly complicated structure that involves almost all systems of the body. That is why immunity downfall negatively affects a lot of cells, organs and tissues. On the other hand, dysfunctions of systems that support our immunity will indubitably lead to its weakening. This is the exact reason why our defence system needs help from the outside. Natural formula of DiReset product is definitely able to help the body remain in perfect working condition.

DiReset and Immunity

DiReset200x300Of course, our immunity has no time-outs and no days-off. Any second it has to be prepared to repulse attacks of various bacteria and viruses, and destroy damaged and mutating cells in order to prevent any diseases from developing in the body. However, our immunity is not always ready to deal with such strains. Stress, extensive work-loads, unbalanced diet or malnutrition take their toll on our health. And the nervous system is usually the first to dysfunction. Sometimes people do so much damage to their immunity on their own, that it is no longer able to fight even the plain cold. 

DiReset natural product reloads the immunity, restoring all body functions. Thanks to its active ingredients, it facilitates the process of forming new immune cells, enhances system immunity that depends on the quality of blood serum; and improves specific immunity that is so required by the body after vaccinations and infectious diseases. DiReset components prevent formation of free radicals. 

Unlike many other products that just care to spur the immunity and cause exhaustion when taken systematically, DiReset can be taken on a permanent daily basis, not only during the high season for colds and flu. Its mild action does not build up a tolerance and lets the immune system work at full scale all the time. 

It is especially recommended to take DiReset in complex with D i Guard nano complex that purifies the body from toxins, or after a course of purification of the body. First of all, DiReset works better when the body is already purified from all toxins and polluting substances. Plus our body tends to react very keenly to changes. As a consequence of any changes going on inside it, as well as of the purification processes, the immunity may be suppressed. DiReset helps restart the immune system without letting the body slacken its defence functions.

Extra Defence

As the immunity is a complicated multi-level system, it has to provide protection all over our body. It particularly concerns hematopoietic and digestive systems.

It is a known fact that more than half immune cells are located in the intestine. Useful bacteria there are responsible for the “intestinal immunity”. Useful microorganisms have to be provided with balanced nutrition, containing prebiotics in order that the amount of “good” bacteria would grow and the protection would remain strong. Inulin is one of the best known prebiotics in the world. Natural product DiReset contains enough inulin to restore balance of the intestinal microflora once it has been disturbed and maintain it at a required level for as long as needed.

However, even proper functioning of the intestine without any disorders of the intestinal microflora can’t be imagined without the immune blood cells—macrophages and leucocytes. These vital cells also require nutrition for growth and development. Beta-glucan contained in DiReset allows to saturate blood cells with useful substances and prolong their life. Beta-glucan can raise functionality of macrophages, which subsequently involves them destroying more parasites, bacteria and viruses.

The newest DiReset product targets at strengthening the immune system, helps the body gather forces and prevent a good deal of acute and chronic diseases. It allows to renew the immunity on all levels, which provides most active protection for the body. Bioactive combination of ingredients within this complex ensures the ultimate level of protection for the immune system as a whole.

Special Composition

Nature is an inexhaustible source of health. It gave DiReset its key priceless biologically active ingredients. The new natural product DiReset is distinguished by its unique composition and natural properties. It contains natural components, which have been specifically selected to enhance each other‘s action.

Beta-glucan contained in DiReset was discovered back in the 60-s of the last century in shiitake mushrooms, and since then it has played quite an essential part in contemporary immunology. Beta-glucan is a nutrient for macrophages and leucocytes—immune blood cells. It accelerates their maturation, activates them and significantly prolongs their existence.Apart from a pronounced immunomodulating effect, beta-glucan also possesses antioxidant properties that schield DNA cells from the adverse impact of free radicals.

Inulin is a natural prebiotic that promotes normalization of the intestinal microflora and improves digestion. It helps the body assimilate necessary vitamins and minerals, boosts hematopoietic system and enhances immunity. For DiReset, inulin has been produced out of chicory grown in ecologically safe areas.

Not by chance is spirulina considered one of the most wholesome products. Its unique biochemical composition allowed it to preserve practically unchanged through millions of years of evolution. This tiny bluish green seaweed contains more than a thousand healthy substances—vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Spirulina is also a wonderful source of protein. Thanks to its rich composition, spirulina strengthens the “intestinal immunity”, simultaneously improving digestive tract performance. Spirulina, intended for DiReset,has been gathered from the bottom of the lake Chad in Africa and the lake Qinghai in China.

Another element contained in DiReset is vitamin E—a great antioxidant. Not only it slows down oxidation processes, but is also responsible for defence reactions of the body, and also stimulates immunity. One of the most important microelements—selenium—enhances the effect of vitamin E. It also protects the body from free radicals and activates immunity.

DiReset: My Immunity Is My Castle