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Overview of a Perfect Immunity Product

It is a well-known fact that immunity support is the best way to prevent diseases. Current market introduces a wide selection of various "innovative" and "revolutionary" remedies: from pills, syrups and balms to teas and yogurts. But how do you choose a really effective, but also safe product that won’t interfere with the functioning of our body?

Five Elements

Prior function of the immune system is to protect the body from the impact of various adverse factors. However, the immunity itself requires some protection as well. Doctors state that human immunity reaches the peak of its development at the age of 15, followed by gradual but inevitable deterioration, which sharply enhances around the age of 50. The situation is aggravated by stress, malnutrition and improper life-style. And next thing you know—a trite ARD ends up with a 2-week stay in bed, and running nose transforms into sinusitis. This is when the “big guns” are brought into action—i.e. strong medical products that weaken the body even more or immune-stimulants, picked randomly in the nearest pharmacy. However, products for immunity should by all means meet certain requirements.

  1. Mild action. One of the huge mistakes is to choose the strongest medical product for the immunity in the pharmacy. According to the statistics, only 5% of people have problems with the immunity system that do require some serious treatment. The rest such boosting effect would do only harm: after a drastic activity surge the defence barriers can collapse, which would subsequently aggravate all health problems. Thus the proper immune remedy must have a mild and sparing action, help the body rather than impair its functions, and must not build up an addiction.
  2. Natural ingredients. Products to fortify the immunity must be based on the natural ingredients in order that it would be easier for the body to assimilate them and avoid allergy. But healthy properties of the ingredients must also be ultimately preserved during processing and be well compatible in order to enhance each other’s effect.
  3. Strengthening of the “intestinal immunity”. This is ensured by beneficent intestinal bacteria. To increase their amount and for extra protection of the body these bacteria must be additionally “fed” with specific substances—prebiotics. Any good immunity product includes these healthy components for the “intestinal immunity”. Inulin is considered one of the best prebiotics in the world.
  4. Improving blood condition. Of course, functioning of the immune system is unimaginable without the immune blood cells—macrophages and leucocytes. These essential cells need nutrition for development and growth, as well as the beneficent intestinal bacteria. Beta-glucan is supreme for these purposes, as it helps saturate the cells with nutrients and prolong their lifetime. Beta-glucan improves the functionality of macrophages which lets them destroy more parasites, bacteria and viruses.
  5. Consumer-friendly. The more complicated the directions for use are—the bigger is the chance that you would forget to take a product in time. Products, which need to be taken several times a day with strict time intervals; drops that have to be dissolved in water; or products that require certain storage conditions, can prove to be ineffective just because they have been taken at inappropriate time or haven’t been kept in the fridge. Which is why the best option is always pills or capsules, taken with plain water.

The Best of the Best

stat dir ideal1With the upcoming autumn, a season of colds and flu, which is quite tricky for the immunity, the innovative scientific and research Vision DEM4 laboratory has created a perfect remedy to fortify the immunity - DiReset. It literally renews and restarts the immune system, enables it to work in full force. DiReset corresponds to the highest requirements for a perfect immunity-boosting product.

DiReset’s action is mild and sparing. Unlike any other strong medicine, that “spur” the immunity and cause body consumption, DiReset acts mildly, that allows the immune system to work with the ultimate efficacy, without overstrain or violent swings. This product, intended to strengthen the immunity, can be taken on a regular basis, and not just during the cold season. DiReset improves both systemic immunity that depends on the blood plasma quality, and specific immunity that is extremely necessary after any immunization procedures and infectious diseases.

DiReset contains only high-quality natural ingredients. This product’s primary ingredients are beta-glucan, contained in shiitake mushrooms, inulin, obtained from chicory, powder of spirulina, blue-green algae, and antioxidants—vitamin E and selenium. All components of DiReset act in synergy, whereas the latest manufacturing technologies allow to preserve their useful features at the ultimate level.

DiReset supports “intestinal immunity”. Inulin stimulates the growth of “good” bacteria and “elimination” of the harmful bacteria, thus effectively strengthening the “intestinal immunity”. Spirulina, another ingredient of DiReset, contains thousands of vitally important substances—vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Thanks to such composition spirulina also facilitates improvement of the immune system functioning.

DiReset improves the blood quality. This product contains beta-glucan that plays a very essential part in immunology. Beta-glucan is a major nutrient for macrophages and leucocytes, i.e. immune blood cells. It accelerates maturation of immunocompetent cells, enlivens them and prolongs their lifetime. Apart from a pronounced immuno-modulating action beta-glucan also provides an antioxidant action, and stops free radicals from destroying the DNA of cells.

DiReset is easy to use. This product is extremely simple in use. Just take one capsule per day with sufficient amount of water. Its powerful formula will immediately start stimulating your immunity and produce a detoxifying effect on your body. Daily intake of DiReset satisfies 40% of the daily allowance of vitamin E, and 71% of the daily allowance of selenium, and also normalizes digestive functions and protects the liver from an adverse impact of various toxic substances.

Double Action

stat dir ideal2A perfect product for immunity would have strictly balanced amount of purifying and strengthening ingredients. For example, if the body is “polluted”, immunity can’t be working to the full extent. Selenium in DiReset will provide for defence of the body against toxic impact of heavy metals. Interacting with their molecules, selenium forms compounds that are rapidly removed from the body.

DiReset can be taken together with the purifying complex D i Guard nano or after a whole course of the body purification. DiReset helps restart the immune system without weakening the barrier forces of the body.

Choosing a product to help your immunity—choose the best.

DiReset: My immunity is my castle!