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Seven Facts about D4X


D4X is the name of a product that is similar to a secret code, it intrigues and fascinates. This new Vision product is even packed not as capsules, pills or tubes – it consists of special portions with the futuristic name of "UnitDose". 

Now practically everything, following advertisers' lead, is labelled «unique», «with nothing similar», «innovative» and «revolutionary», from motor vehicles to fruit yoghurts. Those words are used so often that they have almost lost their original meaning. And while in case of the D4X product such epithets do not violate the truth, we are going to do without them dealing with facts only. And facts, as the classic once said, are most stubborn things in the world... 

Fact No. 1: The UnitDose of D4X helps protect target organs 

A target organ is the name for the organ or tissue most affected by certain substances. For instance, nicotine hits blood vessels and respiratory organs, alcohol damages liver, kidneys and heart, unbalanced nutrition strikes stomach, intestine and pancreas. Sad as it may be, but target organs are extremely susceptible to any negative impacts, be they stresses, bad habits, unfavorable environment or taking medications without restraint. But here is the good news: D4X, a kind of "antidote product", takes our "targets" under its protection turning them into "fortresses". And what is most important D4X comes to the rescue with its very first use – one does not need to wait days, weeks or months for the results. D4X acts as an umbrella: as soon as the dark cloud of intoxication looms over target organs, it can be instantly "opened up" right over the point where the "precipitation" is expected. 

At the same time D4X treats the organism as a unified system and counters faults in this system: it helps in normalizing the blood circulation, in lowering the "bad" cholesterol in blood, in generating energy, it fights the premature organism wilting, encourages the "cell respiration", favorably affects functions of the brain, heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, stomach, intestine, thymus, pancreas, skin, bone tissue, bone marrow, blood, plasma and lymph. 

Fract No. 2: The UnitDose of D4X is the "Smart Food", the new generation of products beneficial for health 

The new product is called "the food of the future". And, in fact, D4X is not a food supplement, not a medicine but the "Smart Food". While the regular food, even if it is very beneficial, has only a physical effect on the organism, the "smarts" in D4X act on the organism like traffic lights influencing the work of its main managing organ, the brain. And all this happens because the particles of D4X are really tiny, their size is about 100 nanometers (a nanometer = one millionth of the millimeter.). Due to this, tentatively speaking, the smart nano-bits penetrate such "closed" area of the organism as the brain and give their commands to it. And it, in its turn, executes that command and starts to manage the entire organism properly. 

Fact No. 3: The UnitDose of D4X is a natural preparation made with the molecular extraction and homogenization 

The D4X "Smart Food" includes only natural ingredients: hawthorn, wild rose, hibiscus, succinic acid and honey. But the product value is not only in its composition but rather, to even more extent, in its production technology. The "Smart Food" group products are made using the nonintrusive molecular extraction. It makes it possible to selectively obtain from the plant source materials at practically the molecular level only the components required, with unwanted admixtures removed. Such superfluous admixtures, research shows, can be and are present even in most beneficial plants. Cadmium, lead, arsenic, mercury, pesticides, bacteria of the Escherichia coli group, mold, radionuclides – all those harmful admixtures can be found in any plant source materials in the so-called "conditionally tolerable" amounts. The reasons for this inevitable presence of such "supplements" are the growth environment, improper transportation and processing. 
In addition, thanks to the so-called molecular homogenization the product designers can "program" those molecules for specific actions. 
But it is not enough to develop the effective product formula, it is also necessary to secure retaining all its properties for a long time. And for this, as everybody knows, preservatives or a special, very expensive packaging are required. D4X gets by without either of them: the molecular homogenization provides such product consistency that a long shelf-life is feasible without any preservatives at all. But this "extending" effect is attained not by the homogenization alone. Two other "extenders" are the natural honey contained in D4X and also individual packaging of each product portion. The long shelf-life thus secured protects another easily hurt target organ – the customer's wallet. 

Fact No. 4: The UnitDose of D4X is the result of work by world-renowned specialists 

The D4X product has been created in the virtual research laboratory - DEM4, specializing in developing the new generation of products, "Smart Food". Among its developers are such famous specialists, as Ahmed Mbodj, Doctor of Pharmacology, Maximilian Romby, Arkopharma Pharmaceutical Concern Director, Aram Arutyunian, Vice-president, International Product Development Company, and others. The DEM4 Laboratory is headed by Dmitry Buriak, Vision President. 

Fact No. 5: The UnitDose of D4X is the bestseller necessary for all age groups 

Teenagers, young and middle-aged people have quite different lifestyles; they have different habits and needs. What is necessary for a growing organism may prove absolutely irrelevant to the one already mature. But the DEM4 specialists managed to create the product necessary for all age and social groups. 
Harmful energy drinks and stimulants are a scourge of the young generation. Tobacco, alcohol and medications often are companions of the mature age. But irrespective of the person's age D4X helps protect the organism against most harmful impacts, improves its energy and enhances the natural detoxication mechanisms. 

Fact No. 6: The UnitDose of D4X is an appetizing way of beneficial nutrition 

«Why is everything beneficial so unpalatable?» the healthy lifestyle devotees sigh sadly looking at unsavory lettuce leaves, wheat germ or skim milk. It was especially hard for those with the "sweet tooth" but only up to the moment when the D4X UnitDose appeared. «Smart Food» ideally combines with natural cultured milk products making them as tasty as those favorite yoghurts with additives but, at the same time, much more beneficial. 

Fact No. 7: D4X is easy to sell and buy 

Since D4X is not a food supplement but food in itself, its use is not limited by anything. The product does not need any special registration and its sales are not subject to strict controls, as is the case with pharmaceuticals. From the legal point of view D4X can be sold right alongside a chocolate bar or a jar of honey, but it also has such unique properties. What can one say? – A natural wonder!