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SMART FOOD – Questions and Answers


The new D4X MyUnitDose® product, a bright member of the Smart Food family, has rapidly become a real hit with followers of the WHO (Whole Health Option) philosophy and been firmly included into the diet of each person tasting it at least once. 

Consumers invariably express their interest not just in that product but in the Smart Food category as such. What kind of food is it, how does it "work" and what is that category all about? We have compiled most frequently asked questions about the "Smart Food" and prepared some smart answers to them. 



1. What are the Smart Food products? What is their difference from other products? 
Smart Food is a new word for all champions of the Wellness lifestyle. The Smart Food products contain "controlling information" allowing the organism to timely turn on specific self-regulating systems. Components of Smart Food act on the organism like a traffic light influencing operations of its main managing body – the brain. And it, in its turn, takes the road to improving the entire organism health. 

Now, in the era when the environment is not the best by far, more and more people care not just about the taste of foodstuffs but about their beneficial properties and their impact on their organism. It is not easy to find normal food, without coloring agents, preservatives and doubtful additives on the supermarket shelves. 

This is why healthy wholesome food becomes more and more popular and demand for it grows. 

The so-called organic products were considered most beneficial in this aspect. Pursuant to the European standards fruits, milk and other products are so marked when they are made without pesticides, GMO (genetically modified organisms), synthetic additives and hazardous chemical compounds. For instance, cows providing the milk used in preparing the organic yoghurt should be kept in ideal conditions, graze in clean meadows and their food additives should contain no antibiotics and hormones. 

Those products are classified vitamin-enriched that additionally contain pro- and prebiotics, vitamins and microelements. But those additives can be included alongside coloring or flavoring agents that often neutralizes the benefits of such food. 

Still, no matter how quality and environmentally clean the foodstuffs are, they are limited to just physically affecting the organism: they provide nutrition and vitamins. 

On the other hand, Smart Food has all the qualities and benefits of environmentally pure products, it contains only natural ingredients and at the same time positively affects health, helping the organism work precisely and harmoniously. 

2. How do the Smart Food series products encourage the self-regulating processes in the organism? 
This amazing and effective action is attained thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technologies, capable of programming the product properties at the molecular level. 

For instance, the D4X MyUnitDose® product in the Smart Food category is made using the non-intrusive molecular extraction. That is how the special method is called for "targeted" extraction from source materials of valuable elements completely free of harmful admixtures. These days even the plants grown in ideal conditions contain in "conditionally tolerable doses" harmful admixtures that can be rid of at the molecular level only. Do you remember Cinderella from the fairy-tale who was sorting buckwheat, rice and lentil grains out of a large sack? The non-intrusive extraction does the same thing to the molecules of ingredients leaving only those beneficial for the organism. 

Another know-how of the product developers is the molecular homogenization. A regular homogenization is widely used in the food industry for getting the homogeneous structure in products (for instance, baby food purees or milk).The traditional homogenization makes food tastier and extends its shelf life. But the homogenization at the molecular level amplifies all those properties manifold and, in addition, makes it possible to "program" food molecules for certain effects. 

Thanks to the homogenization the Smart Food unique properties can be retained without using preservatives or expensive packaging making the product more affordable. Another peculiarity of the packaging is in parcelling the Smart Food products by individual portions. In the product package there are several so-called mono-doses – sachets – packed individually and that means that the unused part of the product is still hermetically sealed and not affected by the air and bacteria. 

And, of course, Smart Food is distinct due to the highest quality of its source materials – it contains exclusively natural components kept without using any artifical preservatives. 

So, Smart Food encourages the self-regulating processes thanks to its natural components, special source material processing technologies and retention of all its properties for a long time. 

3. What amounts of Smart Food category products can be consumed? 
Though Smart Food is a special kind of food, it is still food and not a medicine. So, there are no strict limitations for consuming it. We never prescribe five apples and two yoghurts a day for ourselves but eat as much of them as we want guided by the organism needs. Surely, Smart Food should be consumed smartly too, without excesses. But there are no bans or instructions that would forbid putting D4X MyUnitDose® into your favorite drink at every tea party or adding it to your favorite yoghurt. 

4. Can Smart Food products be combined with regular foods? 
Of course, they can. The best-selling D4X MyUnitDose® product combines beautifully with all kinds of other products. Those are, first of all, such cultured milk foods as yoghurt, buttermilk, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk (ryazhenka) or thick sour milk and various drinks (their temperature should preferably be under 55°С in order to retain all beneficial properties of honey contained in D4X MyUnitDose®.) 

D4X MyUnitDose® can be a substitute for sugar that is not so beneficial, it can be spread on bread or crackers, added to porridge or smoothies – whatever you like. Just experiment! 

5. Are there any counterindications for Smart Food? 
No, there are no counterindications for Smart Food. There are such things as the individual intolerance of components and food allergy to certain product categories. Some people come out in a rash after a piece of fish, other organisms do not accept milk. If some components of Smart Food are counterindicated for you personally, after consuming the product some undesirable reaction can occur. In other words, it is not quite proper to speak about counterindications: you will never look for "counterindications" in oranges based on somebody getting diathesis after eating a couple of them. 

But keep in mind that sometimes undesirable reactions are caused not by the product itself but by harmful admixtures and chemicals it contains (take, for instance, the "chemical" winter strawberries in supermarkets.) In the case of Smart Food it is quite impossible – all components of Smart Food are distinct by their highest quality. 

6. How does consuming Smart Food products combine with taking bioactive supplements? 
Smart Food and bioactive food supplements complement one another finely, mutually augmenting the effect of their components. It is well known that food supplements are an essential attribute of the healthy lifestyle. But the specifics of bioactive food supplements are such that it takes a long time for their complete and stable effect to be attained, since the vitamin and mineral support to the organism should be provided constantly. However, the human organism often needs the urgent "here and now" protection as well. Threats to our health sometimes appear suddenly and selectively affect our target organs. Of course, a healthy person strengthened by regularly taking food supplements can withstand such an attack easier. But for more effective protection one should, in addition to food supplements, also use more "mobile" means for interdicting such hazards. 

And just like having a fire-extinguisher on hand at home is not a substitute for obeying fire safety rules, Smart Food does not cancel or substitute bioactive food supplements but it ideally augments them. 

7. Will the Smart Food line be expanded with new names? 
Yes, the Company plans to market more new name products in the Smart Food category. The first in the product line – the antidote D4X MyUnitDose® product, has immediately won the hearts of consumers. Its innovative formula, unique consumer properties, ease in storing and using have gained confidence of Wellness lifestyle aficionados. 

Now specialists in the Vision DEM4 laboratory undertake multi-level research to assess the needs of the contemporary human being in all respects. On the results, new, just as effective, beneficial and tasty products will be developed that will find their deserved place in every person's diet.