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Food Supplements
Food Supplements

Biologically active dietary supplements offered by the Vision Company are the products of the highly technological processing of natural vegetable raw materials. In addition to an optimal vitamin and mineral complex, they also contain phytocomponents. These components are the biologically active substances of well-known medicinal plants.

All ingredients that make up Vision BAFS are exclusively of natural phytogenic origin, which makes them valuable and active for everyone. The scientifically tested composition of BAFS is selected thoroughly and accurately, so that every consumer’s individual needs are properly met and a harmoniously balanced and optimized diet is ensured.


Smart Food Shakes - a new unique line of functional food, source of essential vitamins, macro- and microelements, as well as fiber-high quality plant protein. The Shakes are a perfect solution for those who aspire to enhance the quality of life, acquire healthy habits and vary their diet with wholesome low-calorie products.
The Shakes:

  • Normalize metabolism
  • Promote weight-loss
  • Help regulate blood sugar levels
  • Make up for deficiency of essential vitamins
  • Satisfy hunger


The Company’s cosmetic products represent a fortunate alliance of science and Mother Nature: 100% natural active ingredients and latest achievements in biotechnology - one of the most promising branches in modern science - are used to make them. Vision cosmetics embody all the excellence of the company's innovative approach:

  • they abound in natural components distinguished by high activity and effectiveness;
  • they have an inimitable bouquet of delightful fragrances;
  • they have been scientifically tested; and
  • they possess proven and observable effectiveness upon application.


Smart Food products appeared in the market just recently but by now the name "food of the future" has already got firmly attached to them. Unlike routine foodstuffs, "smart food" is not just an array of nutrients but also the "controlling information" allowing the organism to timely turn on specific self-regulating systems.
Developers of the Smart Food product line are the specialists of the Vision virtual DEM4 research laboratory. For making the food of the future they have designed special exclusive formulas and selected best ingredients from environmentally pure areas of the world. The main know-how of the laboratory is the wide utilization of nanotechnologies capable of regulating the product structure at the molecular level.


In the modern world, people pay more and more attention to preventing illnesses and strengthening their health. That is dictated by a feeling of alarm for themselves and for future generations. After all, newer and newer diseases arise on Earth every year. They are generated by stress, bad environmental conditions, and bad nutrition.

Modern new technologies offer additional opportunities to counteract stress, disease, aging, and other negative impacts on people’s health. The Vision International People Group Company is introducing TriActiv and QuadrActiv bracelets. They protect and strengthen a person's health with a unique combination of three time-tested technologies