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Smart Food products appeared in the market just recently but by now the name "food of the future" has already got firmly attached to them. Unlike routine foodstuffs, "smart food" is not just an array of nutrients but also the "controlling information" allowing the organism to timely turn on specific self-regulating systems.

Developers of the Smart Food product line are the specialists of the Vision virtual DEM4 research laboratory. For making the food of the future they have designed special exclusive formulas and selected best ingredients from environmentally pure areas of the world. The main know-how of the laboratory is the wide utilization of nanotechnologies capable of regulating the product structure at the molecular level. The smart food contains only natural components without any artificial preservatives.


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Regular Use of this Product Will:

  • Protect against intoxications and free radicals;
  • Restore energy;
  • Strengthen the immune system;
  • Remove chemical waste from the body.

D4X is the name of a product that is similar to a secret code - it intrigues and fascinates.

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