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Wild Rose And Thyme

Optimism and Inspiration!

Wild rose hips are a natural source of C vitamins that help strengthen and energize the overall body. A treasure-trove of valuable essential oils and flavonoids, mint and thyme have a beneficial effect on all the systems and organs of the body.

A cup of this amazing drink will not only return your mental harmony and give you vital new energy, but will be remembered for it's inimitable, novel taste.

A tea with the invigorating power of rose hips, the delicate taste of mint, and a mild herbal fragrance, it is friendly support for your immune system.

A Bit of History

Thyme was first mentioned back in the third millennium BC: an ancient tablet with Sumerian cuneiform writing was found which described how to apply thyme as a poultice for medicinal purposes.

Romans put thyme in their baths for tonic purposes. In ancient Egypt, wild rose symbolized youth, love, beauty, virility, and stamina.

Each Teabag contains: Wild Rose Hips, Mint Leaves, and Thyme Herb.

Packaging: 22 Teabags Per Box.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place protected from light.

Price: 11.86 лв.
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