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Vision Tea For Her

Composition: Green tea, peppermint, raspberry leaves and berries, orange blossoms and pieces, lemon pieces, cloves.

Green tea delights us with it's aroma and taste, moreover it favorably affects all systems of a human body, enhances immunity, helps in fighting the excess weight.

Peppermint reduces the emotional strain, restores strength, disperses the nervous over-excitation. 

The tonic mix of green tea and refreshing peppermint provides the feeling of cheerfulness.
The berry-and-citrus bouquet with raspberry, orange and lemon not just improves the mood but is also a powerful source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant, it makes skin resilient, prevents the destructive impact of free radicals and thus retards the ageing process.

Vision Tea for Her opens up the world of most tender feelings and peace of mind.

Price: 11.86 лв.
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